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Feb 4, 2010 12:22 PM

What to do with leftover Risotto?

So today's (2/4/10) basic instructions are about how to make vegetable risoto. GREAT! I know how to make risotto, what I don't know is what to do with the leftovers. What I usually do is make patties and fry them , then top te patties with more cheese> (There's an italian name for the fried risoto patties but I forgot what it is.) But to do that you pretty much need either a well seasoned cast iron skillet (I have one) or a non-stick pan. Are there other things to do with leftover risoto? becaus whenever I make risoto, I either make too much, or too little, and I almost never make too little.

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  1. I always cut up leftover meat or poultry in bite size pieces, mix it in and bake in a pyrex dish and serve as an inexpensive main course.

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      That souns good enough to make WAYY too much Risotto

      I thought I had posted a reply, but apparently not.

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        Thanks for your response, but no, not actually. What I have been doing to risotto would be an insult to arancini. What I have been making are fried risoto cakes, except I didn't know I was upposed to coat them in flour, dip them into an egg wash, and then bread crumbs before frying. The results often stick to the pan. Nope, definitly NOT arancini. I looked up arancini on You Tube and most of the recipes shown were decried as "NOT authentic!" and those of us who don't read or speak Italian are left to wonder what other insults were written.

      2. you're thinking of arancini! balls of risotto stuffed with cheese or other goodness then breaded and fried. Have you ever tried baking them? It should work. Won't be as delicious, but it should work. Also, you don't need a cast iron skillet or a non-stick pan to fry things. Just a lot of oil!

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          Sounds good, but I don't haver an oven I trust, and since I usually do ok with just a stove top , it's not a problem I am gonna fix this week.

        2. I have a unique way of dealing with leftover risotto, I like to eat it the next day.

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          1. re: normalheightsfoodie

            Gee what a good idea! I might try that.

          2. Leftover risotto sautéed in a pan is called risotto al salto. Actually to be perfectly correct, you don't use leftovers but make a new risotto a bit al dente to sustain the additional cooking, but nobody's perfect.

            You could make supplì or arancini with leftover risotto, or fill bell peppers or tomatoes or something with it (precook the veg). You can also throw it in the minestrone. I would just sauté it quickly in a pan with some oil and eat it. If you have all that much left over, you should be making less in the first place.

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              What I have been doing to leftover risotto is probably an insult to Risotto Al Salto too, but that sounds a lot more like the stuff I make. The other suugestions also sound good, but, I don't usually have THAT much leftover risotto. Usually enough to feed two a light linch with salad, but not enough to feed a village a pile of Arancini