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Feb 4, 2010 12:10 PM

East Village/L.E.S., Entrees under $20, Less than 2 yrs old

Looking for some new moderate places to add to the rotation. Any rec's?

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  1. the clerkenwell
    fat hippo
    antibes bistro

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      1. re: Peter Cherches

        I had my birthday dinner at Antibes Bistro tonight. Just what I was looking for. Prices were very right (even if I wasn't paying), food is excellent, room is pleasant. We shared the lamb boulettes appetizer--excellent and sides of risotto with parmesan (quite shareable as a side and only $5) and haricots verts (a tad too salty). My main course, the tuna, was excellent, as were the sides that came with it, though they cooked the fish medium rather than medium-rare. The dessert, their kataifi with espresso mascarpone and halva slivers, was fabulous. The French-Mediterranean menu reminded me of a simpler, cheaper version of Le Tableau (which was never the same after Sami Kader passed away).

        I have Motorino on the schedule for later this month.

    1. This may not be what you're looking for but Spot is new. The problem is it is strictly a dessert place but none of the items are over 20 dollars.

      1. Northern Spy Food Company
        The Redhead (it's under 2, right?)
        Motorino (pizza).

        Also second Clerkenwell and Antibes. I have heard nothing good about Fat Hippo, but have not been there myself.

        1. Second Motorino, esp. for their lunch special
          Kafana - tiny Serbian restaurant that's cozy and fun

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            3rd motorino and the dessert truck store just opened up on clinton st

          2. Highly recommend Giano...Beautiful place, fine service and low prices.

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            1. re: Will4Food

              Forgive me. I have no idea when this place opened but I like Alias restaurant on the LES is very good and will probably fit the bill for you. Well prepared food at decent prices with friendly service and a great fresh whiskey sour! I hade the duck leg confit appetizer and the upstate chicken entree which was big enough to take some home for lunch the next day and it inspired me to leave a little skin in my next kabocha squash creation -really delicious.

              1. re: elkaynyc

                Alias has definitely been open for more than two years. I remember going there at least five years ago. Good food though.