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Feb 4, 2010 11:57 AM

Mildly celebratory lunch in CC West

I'm looking for a non-threatening, not too expensive but still nice-ish lunch spot in CC West for my foodie self and some mostly non-foodie coworkers. We considered Village Whiskey, but the price is a bit higher than some people are comfortable with. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Tinto right next door has a good lunch deal. Matyson also has a reasonable lunch menu. You can get a little fancy but their burger is great and I think $10 or $11 including fries.

    1. Smith's (next door to Matyson) isn't bad, nor is Devil's Alley (Chestnut, between 18th & 19th (?). Both have menus that would appeal to the meat-and-potatoes/burger crowd, and are OK on price. Another alternative that I've used for my staff of picky and not very adventurous eaters is Elephant and Castle.

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        Ooo, never heard of smith's, and totally forgot matyson existed! Good suggestions.