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Feb 4, 2010 11:47 AM

No Reservations: Prague

I didn't think this was one of the better episodes. The pig lust was a little over done in my opinion. It also seemed like they were stretching for material by making a big deal about not being allowed to film in the pho place. This might have been one of the locations where some of the food time should have been substituted for some human interest type material.

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  1. I agree.

    I found that the Czech Republic was a difficult place to be a Chowhound. More difficult than Slovakia, and much more difficult than Poland, where the food is uniformly very, very good.

    Yeah, he should have delved into some other aspects, even allied aspects of the food, but not hanging out in restaurants. I never got the feeling from this episode I was really in Prague.

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    1. re: Steve

      Oh, I missed that one! And I am a huge Prague fan - I'm sure it will be on again at some point. I know what you mean about being a Chowhound in the Czech Republic. We have found a few great rural gems serving up great traditional food but found far fewer in Prague (as with many European cities). Whenever we go we have to do a lot of advance research, that is for sure.

      From comments I am afraid I will be disappointed in this episode but still am curious!

      1. re: chefathome

        I would be very interested any recommendations for rural Czech places. I live in Vienna and the cuisine of the 'Bohemian grandmother' plays a big role here.
        However, I have always been disappointed whenever I have tried to search for the 'source' of this tradition. But I am still holding out hope!
        I'm planning to take a trip from Vienna to Prague in early July and would gladly make a detour if it would involve good food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. I havent liked the episodes from this seasonas much as past seasons.

      The cocaine scene in panama was impressive though

      1. I'd say an average episode. Still beats most other shows on TV.

        I was surprised by Tony's reaction to the beer bong. Was that really the first time he saw one of those things? They are all over New York. Even the Port Authority bowling alley has them. He seemed to imply that it was a Prague thing.

        1. After seeing all that meat one wants to become vegetarian. I hated this show. Even Tony looked tired.

          1. One of my least favorite episodes of NR. It all seemed a bit forced, and badly researched. I love meat, but I came away having no culinary interest in ever visiting Prague. I do know, however, from friends, that Prague has a far more varied food scene. The show just seemed to have a theme of "Let's make Tony look like he's in pork and beer heaven". Tony didn't seem like he was being his natural self.