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Feb 4, 2010 11:00 AM

wegman's custom cake??

how are wegman's custom cakes in looks and taste. we are hoping to save some $ on a cake from wegmans instead of a fancy cake from ye old pie shop or the chocolate carousel. pls help.

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  1. we ordered a 1/2 sheet cake for a birthday and were very pleased with the cake. Chocolate cake was super moist, raspberry filling was not overly sweet and vanilla butter cream frosting was also very good. The cake was decorated with some text, a bouquet of frosting roses and some piping along the top and bottom edges... similar to what's shown on their webpage.

    I'd say you could get a fancier cake at most local custom bake shops but for taste, price and convenience, the wegman's cake hit the mark. We ordered it via phone and picked it up along with some wegmans catering platters at a store in the Rochester, NY area.

    1. The chocolate ganache filling is to die for.

      1. I've heard good things about the cakes (and the bakery in general) from Shop Rite in West Long Branch.

        1. We just had their ultimate vanilla cake last weekend and it was a big hit at our dinner party. We had them write a happy birthday message on it. Better than their birthday cake In my opinion. In the past we also had an ultimate chocolate cake some time ago, also delicious. Would like to try their carrot cake in the future.

          IMO - Wegman's does better than the average bakery in the shore area as far as their cakes. They are reasonably priced as well, which is a bonus.

          1. We ordered my son's 3rd birthday cake from Wegman's and people loved it. Very affordable, very good. All of their bakery items are good.

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              thanks all for the great advice! i am going to give it a whirl for my daughter's birthday.