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Recommendations near Park Plaza Hotel?

Hi all,

I'm heading down to Boston tomorrow morning for a conference for work, and we're looking for reasonably priced recommendations within walking distance of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Any must hits? I promise to reciprocate with Vermont recommendations if any of you head up north anytime soon!

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  1. Erbaluce for dinner. It's right across the street from the Park Plaza hotel.

    1. Charlie's Sandwich Shop abut a 10 minute walk up Columbus Ave, a Boston institution. The Parish Cafe for lunch, interesting sandwiches in a hip, city scene. For dinner there's lots on Tremont in the South End.

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        Just FYI, the Parish Cafe is closed until Feb 8 for renovations.

      2. Mike and Patty's is a small breakfast and lunch place about two blocks from your hotel in Bay Village (Church St). Good stuff.

        1. Also accross the street (79 Park Plaza) is Via Matta. Good for dinner and or drinks.

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          1. Davio's is right across the street and serves both lunch and dinner.

            1. Avila at 1 Charles St. is another option. But I second Via Matta.

              1. Thanks, everyone! This sounds great. I'm hungry already.

                1. Hey Vermont, I'm going to the convention too. You got some good rec's so I can't really add any, except I don't care for McCormick & Schmick's which is in the hotel, but others in my group seem to like it.

                  We had dinner last year at Davio's across the street. Food was good but very expensive, and we aren't going back this year. It's easy to grab coffee in the morning right in the hotel lobby. This year, weather permitting, we are going to try to take a group with us to the North End (via the T), otherwise we'll stick close by.

                  Good luck at the awards ceremony!