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Feb 4, 2010 10:39 AM

Cannon Beach OREGON restaurants

We stayed in Cannon Beach for a few days last fall and are planning another trip. During our stay we ate at The Lumberyard, Pizza aFetta, JPs, Warren House Pub and Ecola Fish Market. The fish and chips at Ecola were highly memorable but next trip, we would like to try new places. Neuman's is definitely at the top of my list. On my message boards it seems rather clear that the restaurant scene in Cannon Beach is mostly mediocre. Any new suggestions?

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  1. Either drive up to Seaside and go to Yummy, or drive down to Nehalem and go to the Nehalem River Inn...two best places in the whole area.

    In Cannon Beach itself, Ecola Seafood is the best, but I love the spinach salad at the Wayfarer. Order simply there and it is fine...and the view of Haystack Rock does not suck. ;o)

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      Yummy is one of our favorites in the area, we spent 3 months in Seaside last year and went there several times. The food is some of the best in the area, Seaside is just about ten minutes from CB. There is a failry new place in Cannon Beach called Cranky Sue's, they have delicious clam chowder and crab cakes here. We have enjoyed many great meals at Newman's, there is also The Stephanie Inn. Crystal Corbin is gone now and the sous chef stepped up to her position. Bistro in downtown Cannon Beach is also very good, I love the Greek Lemon Soup there. Enjoy the coast! :)

    2. Yes, Newman's and Yummy are very good. You could also drive north to Astoria and try the Columbia Cafe. It is the best if the chef/owner of 30 years, Uriah, is cooking, as he usually is. This is the best place for fresh seafood. He is a master. It is very small and ugly but do not be afraid.

      If you do drive to Astoria, the Bridgewater Bistro is also very good and worth the trip. Good food with an expansive view of the Columbia.

      If you drive south, you can very often see whales at Depoe Bay. There is a restaurant there called the Whale Cove Inn that is borderline awful, most of the food tastes like it's carved out of margerine, but the view is of this beautiful little protected cove where the whales drop their babies off before they go to eat.

      Further south, in Lincoln City, is Blackfish Cafe, which is delicious.

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        Ummmm, Lincoln City is over 2 hrs from Cannon Beach, and Depoe Bay is about 2.5 hours from Cannon Beach...and neither of those places are destination restaurants. Even Astoria can take about an hour from CB.

        If you are in Cannon Beach on vacation, Seaside to the north and Nehalem to the south are about as far as is reasonable to go for a good or better dinner, IMO...under an hour to drive.

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          Well, since it's not even 20 miles from Astoria to Cannon Beach, I suppose it could take an hour, if you went 20mph or so. But then you'd probably get a ticket on the hwy.

          And it's 65 miles to Lincoln City, 74 to Depoe Bay. I understand that might be far to go for dinner, but if she is here for a few days, as she was last time, then she might want to take little side sight seeing trips. And if she's down there already, there is good food. I am just trying to give the OP some options. I understand that you might not want to drive there, but she might have a little wider radius. I don't know.

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            We have several places we love in Astoria, it is 30 minutes from Cannon Beach, 20 minutes from Seaside. Columbian Cafe is awesome, a true foodie's heaven, we like to sit at the bar and watch Uriah perform his magic. I love the Warm Spinach Salad he does with Feta Cheese. The chocolate Pot de Creme for dessert is out of this world yummy! Bridgewater Bistro is a gorgeous restaurant complete with two fireplaces and panormaic views of the Columbia River. We like to sit out on the patio when the weather is nice. Silver Salmon Grill in downtown Astoria is great, Fulio's Pasteria and Tuscan Steakhouse is also one of our favorites, love the Rib Eye steak there. He also does a nice Spinach salad, warm with goat cheese. T Paul's Urban Cafe, the Ship Inn and Cannery Cafe are all great places to eat in Astoria. Ship Inn has awesome fish and chips, you will have river views at Ship Inn, it is a longtime locals favorite. :)

          2. re: JillO

            you're right- After driving 1350 miles from Denver, I am sure we won 't want to do long drives for dinner (I wish I knew about these suggestions last year when we toured the entire coast

            My current list includes Yummys, Neumans and perhaps a local patio (dog friendly) restaurant downtown Cannon Beach (depending on the weather). The Nehalem looks rather pricey? (we will be on a 23 day road trip and will be in Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle--so unfortuantely we must throw in a few casual dinners too. )

            We will be on a 25 day road trip and $100 meals nightly is not realistic--plus our friends are on a rather tight budget.

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              Cranky Sue's and Pizza a Feta in downtown CB both have outdoor patios where you can sit with your pet. Cranky Sue's has very good clam chowder and crab cakes. :)

              1. re: syrahgirl

                Ship Inn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                God I miss that place. Enough to make me leave Ohio for a quick trip just to have the fish and chips and chowder. Pizza A Fetta is also a standout. Lived there for about 2 years. Getting hungry just thinking about it.