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Feb 4, 2010 09:53 AM

Rehearsal Dinner (West Los Angeles)

Looking for a good rehearsal dinner place that is fairly close to the Four Seasons on Doheny. So far, we've looked into El Torito Grill (the favorite so far) and Matteo's.

What are some other places we can take the parents to check out?

Thank you!

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  1. Some friends had a great rehearsal dinner at Da Pasquale

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      I don't know how many people you are having but both Il Moro and Napa Valley Grille have a nice, private room and are good for this kind of stuff.

    2. You could walk over to il Cielo from there, (assuming you are staying at the Four Seasons).

      Il Cielo Italian Gardens
      9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

      1. i think el torito grill is delicious despite it's chain reputation (i'm not sure how it's related - the food is different). plus, its a good festive place for a rehearsal dinner. not too stuffy.

        trattoria amici is on doheny and santa monica. it is an adorable little italian place with fairly good food. it's small - and i don't know how big your party is

        i would second da pasquale. great food, and staff is lovely.

        i like il cielo - but attended a group event there and thought they did a pretty awful job on the food. (you could smell the fish coming a mile away). that said - it's a pretty space.

        the palm is also not too far away - but will likely be much more $$. however, sometimes group events are surprising in terms of cost. places i thought would bust my budget were affordable and vice versa.

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          Re:Trattoria Amici-- I know that the original owners recently sold it. Don't how how the change in ownership has affected the restaurant.

        2. Near by is Chaya, Madeos, or Comme Ca. How many people and how much $$$ do you want to spend?