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Lazy Man's Lobster / Lobster Saute / Lobster Casserole

I LOVE lobster but hate the mess and fuss of dealing with a whole steamed lobster, while dining out... I know...I know... That's half the fun right? Anyway, I seem to remember a lot of restaurants on the Cape and elsewhere offering Lazy Man's Lobster: steamed lobster meat, de-shelled and served in drawn butter, often accompanied by toast points, or baked with breadcrumbs. Anyone know a good place still serving this decadent delight in the Boston area? Pleassssseeeee... I have a serious craving!!!

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      Thanks! Totally forgot about L.O.'s as it would break my bank... Had a bite of a friends on his birthday and it was amazing!!! They add sherry and cream, which is always a good thing. :)

    2. It's not something you see on a menu very often, although for the life of me I don't know why. As much as I like lobster mac & cheese, a good lazy man lobster is even better. That said, Amrheins has it on their specials menu occasionally, so it may be worth a call. If you don't mind taking a ride to Salem, you can get it at the Witches Brew and I wouldn't be suprised if Finz had it on their menu.

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        Great suggestions... I will see what I can find :)

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          amrheims also does a lobster "pie" which is mostly just lobster meat under a little bit of crumbly topping

        2. A lot of places that offer boiled lobsters will serve lobster Lazy Man style upon request even if it is not on the menu, so it is worth asking (especially if you are willing to pay a few dollars more for the added labor).

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            Yep. That has been my experience as well. Legal's and a few other places will take care of it for you.


          2. Lobster Pie at Belle Island Seafood in East Boston. It's a market/takeout place with stools at a counter. Closes at 7.

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              Second Belle Isle. If you are looking for a lobster fix you can hardly do better.

            2. The hot lobster roll at Neptune. I often eat it with a fork and don't eat all of the roll. No mayo or fillers- just nice warm lobster and butter.

              Photo here:


              1. I'm very much of a "suck the last little fragment of meat from the carcass" kind of guy, but I have to shamefully admit to really loving the lobster pie from Michaels Harborside in Newburyport. Huge pieces of lobster in creamy sauce with browned breadcrumbs on top. Really tasty.

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                  My husband says he like to enter me in a contest where they weigh the lobster before and after I have finished with it. The winner would be the one who consumed the highest percentage of the lobster.


                2. The Continental Restaurant on Rte, 1 north in Saugus serves lobster sauté:
                  "Lobster Meat Tenderly Sautéed in Country Fresh Butter."

                  1. The best lazy man's lobster that I've had is at the Back Eddy down in Westport - not sure of their winter hours - but great place when it warms up - right on the water...

                    1. I know this is irrelevant, but I used to love the lobster pie at the Hilltop - but the last time I was there, they quoted me $39.95 for it - and that was like 1999!

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                        That's why no one ever talks about Hilltop I can duplicate the same product at home today for a fraction, of course it helps that I have a friend who lobsters for a living. In any event, Hillttop is way over the hill and everyone should avoid it!

                      2. I had a surprisingly amazing one at The Villa in Wayland, of all places, albeit about ten years ago.

                        1. Mercato del Mare has them once in a while for $16 to take home and heat up.

                          1. The sign at Grumpy White's in Quincy often says "Try our lobster casserole"--I have not done so, but I would were I there.

                            1. Inspired by this post, I ordered Lobster Pie at Moulton's in Medford tonight - wow. I used to splurge on their Lobster Scampi on occasion, but there's even MORE lobster in the pie - simply freshly-shelled lobster topped with butter bread/cracker crumbs then baked and served with a side of drawn butter - quite the deal at $26.99 with a side and cole slaw. This may be my new favorite lobster option - anywhere! FWIW, David the server there continues to be one of the most friendly, efficient waiters I know of.

                              1. Sometimes if I'm in the vicinity of Captain Marden's in Wellesly, I buy two of their lobster "splits," one split consisting of half a lobster tail and the meat of one claw. I take them home and saute them with butter and some of Captain Marden's cracker crumbs. The price varies with the market, but I figure I am getting the meat of a whole lobster for half of what it would cost me in a restaurant.

                                1. The Lobster Pool in Rockport is the best I've ever had and the price is very reasonable. A large amount of fresh lobster in cracker crumbs -- a nice, clean taste. Sometimes, they overseason the cracker crumbs but unusually not. Unfortunately, I have to wait until April for my fix .....

                                  1. Totally different but the lobster spaghattini at Neptune on Monday nights is superb.