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Feb 4, 2010 09:16 AM

Baby Shower Venue for Florida Hound

I am seeking a cute and inexpensive venue for a baby shower in or near Boston for about 30 people...Daughter expecting my first grandchild! Thanks!!

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  1. I went to a baby shower with about that many people at the Exchange St Bistro in Malden center recently. I don't know how expensive it was, but the food was fine, they gave us our own room and it was easy to park. You may want to more specifically define the location and your idea of cute. Congrats!

    1. I went to a baby shower at Su Chang's in Peabody a couple of months ago. They have a room upstairs and the lunch was served family style The food was typical Chinese, but it was excellent. They served a ton of food and my friend who was hostessing said they were very reasonable.

      1. Miele's Showroom in Wellesley rents out it space for small private parties, etc. It's a very elegant and unique space, and they allow you to use your own caterers, or they will provide a chef.

        1. Where does your daughter live and where will most of the people be coming from? This will help us recommend places that are near Boston not in it. For example, if most people are on the North Shore, we would not recommend a place on the South Shore.

          1. One place I will not recommend is Upstairs on the Square- I had a terrible experience with them organizing my SIL's baby shower. Promised one location, dumped in another, menu changed without my approval & added expenses. It is such a cute place and otherwise seems perfect for these types of events, but I have not been back after such a bad experience.