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Feb 4, 2010 09:12 AM

Short Trip to DC - HELP!

I'll be in DC in late April for an education conference, staying somewhere near the capital. I'm told I'll have "limited time" for sightseeing. I need tips of restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. that are relatively cheap (under 20 for one person) and not terribly far from the Capital. Also looking for coffee spots. Late night spots are welcome.

Thoughts or ideas?

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  1. For great coffee don't miss Peregrin Expresso, near the Eastern Market Metro. There are lots of restaurants around there as well. I don't know if you will have the time or inclination, but I would highly recommend checking out the Eastern Market on Sat. The market itself has a great breakfast place inside it (LONG line unless you get there early). If you are into cheap and fast, there is a place inside that sells wonderful skin-on hot DC half smokes.

    Peregrin Espresso
    660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC

    1. Try this thread:

      I recommend Taylor Gourmet for gourmet sandwiches. Good Stuff Eatery for burgers and delicious fries and shakes. My impression is you could go under $20 at Pain Quotidien, Cava (haven't tried it myself) depending on how many dishes you order, Levi's, Market Lunch.

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        I recommend Granville Moore for an edgy, delicious pub- amazing mussels & frites. Good beers.t Bobby Flay filmed a showdown there. You will need a car/cab. But not terribly far away from where you are. Not expensive. Lots of good places in Penn Quarter (metro accesible.) I like Matchbox for excellent mini-burgers and a salad.

      2. You are probably staying at one of the hotels at the foot of Capitol Hill, and will need to take a cab to the Capitol Hill restaurants. There isn't much there on the inexpensive end. Johnny's Half Shell is good, but will be more than $20. A nearby bar is the Dubliner. for under 20 I'd take a short cab ride to Chinatown and try one of the Chinese places. Full Kee has outstanding Hong Kong style noodle soup and various vegetables (chinese broccoli, leek flowers, watercress) with garlic. they have no bar, alas.