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Feb 4, 2010 09:01 AM

Instant hot water dispenser,under the sink. What is the best brand?

I have had an instant hot water dispenser under my sink for about 15 years. My first one was an Insinkerator and lasted about ten years before it self destructed. I bought another and it got a hole in the tank in about 18 months. That one had plastic in the lining tank. My water started tasting like melted plastic. I bought another after talking with the company who assured me they had stopped using plastic in the water train.

I have a leak in my third one already(it has a stainless steel tank and I've called a plumber to find the source of the leak.No threeis less than two years old. My question is, is there a reliable brand out there with a stainless steel tank that I can believe will last at least 5-10 years.

I use this thing which dispenses water for about 10-20 things per day. I use it for tea, hot chocolate, adding more water to an already boiling pot, getting off tight lids, dissolving sticky gunk off utensils, blanching veggies,etc. I would like to have a reliable one. Any feedback from other users or cooking plumbers out there would be appreciated.

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  1. Have all 3 of your systems been InSinkErator? In my experience, they are the most reliable, and have the best in house warranty. Yes, you want a stainless steel tank, absolutely, and you should be getting 8-10 years with that tank. I'm wondering if there is something in your water that is reacting with the steel and causing it to break down faster than normal. If you are dead set against ISE at this point, my next best recommendation wold be a "Little Butler" system. This is marketed thru various manufacturers - Franke probably being the most recognized name. A local plumbing supply showroom would be able to locate it for you.

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      All three of my units have been ISE. We have looked harder and it may be a leak outside the tank. I have a plumber coming to check this coming Monday. The second one had a plastic liner which they ISE,have since chucked. I talked with them and the tank is stainless so I hope it is just a leak somewhere. We have hard water in my town and the water plant uses a chemical to coat the water pipes to prevent corrosion. They are famous for over feeding it. I worked for our state water protection program and was a drinking water microbiologist. I know way too much about water treatment and the laws affecting it. I had read about the Franke one but didn't find one on the net. Will just pray for a leak. Thanks for the info.

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        After we called the company (Insinkerator), we were told we were still under warranty. When the man came to replace the unit, we all examined it and discovered that the stainless steel tank was in two halves. The halves were joined with non-stainless steel brads. Dissimilar metals cause an electrical charge which causes corrosion, thus the tank corrodes and it leaks. I hope after replacing a few zillion of these, they will use a better brad. At least I know what happened and can use it as a bargaining chip, if it happens again. FYI.

      2. Have you considered an electric kettle? I use mine for all the things you mention--it's fast & efficient & avoids the somewhat stale taste I detect in IHWDs. My elec kettle is from the 80's & still going strong...