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Feb 4, 2010 08:58 AM

working in santa monica for a couple of weeks, what places should I try?

Had the GodMother yesterday, was delicious, only ate half, will have other half today. Will try the pastrami from bay cities before I leave next week. Also will visit Alejo's before all is said and done. What else? Prefer, american, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or soul food. Will try anything you think is good tho.

How is that Tommy's on Lincoln? I ask because some are nasty. Any good pho in santa monica?


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  1. A quick list:

    - Tacos Por Favor: Taqueria. Get the chorizo and cheese tacos.

    - Anisette Brasserie: French.

    - Fig

    - Fathers Office: get the burger and sweet potato fries

    - Joe's Pizza: Good NY Slice.

    - Port Royal Cafe: good Jamaican/Carribean food. Call and verify hrs first.

    - Monte Alban: Good Oaxacan, just outside of SM (WLA).

    - NY & C Pizza - I've only had their Chicago style, which was good (not great, but the best in LA IMO).

    PS - no good Chinese on the Westside. And for Japanese, you'd have to go to Sawtelle in WLA. And no good pho.

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      The tacos al pastor (marinated pork leg) with the red sauce is the BOMB at Tacos por Favor.

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        I didn't know there was a father's office in SM. Maybe I can get a friend to come have dinner with me on next friday. Definitely want to try tacos por favor and joe's pizza. Thank you!

      2. Are you there for both lunch and dinner? I ask because Father's Office is only open for dinner during the week.

        I would add Musha to this list if you're around for dinner and I would definitely check out Huckleberry if you get the chance.

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          i love musha.
          although they open at 6 for dinner, they will answer the phone before 6 to take reservations.

        2. Sounds like you have a car, tho the local bus is pretty good for getting around. Also I assume a moderate budget, so I won't recommend higher end dining, unless you ask.

          Joe's Pizzeria
          Baby Blues BBQ, I like the pulled pork sandwich. Venice
          Cora's Coffee Shop
          La Grande Orange for pastries, breakfast and Intelligentsia coffee
          The Father's Office for the hamburger, dinner only on weekdays. Not cheap.
          Umami Burger has a truck parked in Santa Monica

          Musha, Japanese Izakaya, dinner only. A little expensive.

          La Isla Bonita taco truck on Rose and 4th in Venice
          Tacos Por Favor

          The Tommy's isn't bad. Pretty comparable to the Original.

          Further inland In WLA:
          Monte Alban for great Oaxuacan
          Mariscos Chente for Mexican seafood (Langostino)
          Sawtelle Blvd has a great Japanese selection.

          There is no good Chinese or Vietnamese food in Santa Monica or the Westside.

          1. If I'm around there midday, I like to have lunch at Le Petit Café on Colorado. Nice little bistro-ish place with a good combination of French and American, especially at lunchtime, when they have sandwiches and burgers. Not cheap but reasonable. I usually figure on dropping about $15 for lunch, maybe more if I can have a glass of wine (that is, if I don't have to jump onto the freeway right afterwards).

            2842 Colorado Ave.

            1. Thank you all for replying! I am now going to look up some of these places, some I hadn't heard of and I think one or two were featured on diners, drive-ins and dives?

              What's a good choice for someone new to Oaxacan food? I don't like mole. Sadly, I like my mexican food, americanized.

              I'm narrowing the list down

              Father's office, Tacos Por Favor, Joe's pizza, Baby Blues BBQ, Monte Alban, Umami Burger & Le Petit Café.

              Thanks again...

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              1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                Many of the Gourmet food trucks park in Santa Monica mostly around Stewart and Colorado and a little bit east by Olympic just west of the 405. Check out to find their locations.

                1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                  For a beginner into Oaxacan, I'd recommend the clayuda. It's kinda like a Oaxacan pizza: it comes on a big flat (crispy) tortilla, with beans, meat, tomatoes, avocado and oaxacan cheese. I've brought other people there who tend to stick to americanized mexican, and they liked the clayuda (as opposed to some of the other dishes - mole, enfrijoladas, etc...). Their goat taco is great too (if you like goat).

                  1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                    Oh, and I've never been, but I think Border Grill is more along the "Americanized Mexican".

                    1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                      I actually am not a huge mole fan myself, but at Mote Alban I love the comsome ranchero and the molcajete (which is huge, so try to find someone to share with).