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Feb 4, 2010 08:52 AM

Need some recs - coming in from Philly

I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency SF Airport next week from Tuesday to Friday. Any recs for some moderate priced dinners - within walking distance if thats at all possible. No preference of food long as it's good!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That is not a walking friendly location at all. Downtown Burlingame is less than a mile away, but you'd have to cross a busy freeway interchange to get there -- and Google maps' walking directions seem to think it is an impossible traverse. I think they're right. Maybe the shuttle van from the hotel to the airport could drop you off? Or maybe you should consider eating at the airport?

    Do you have a car available? Or is it walk or cab only?

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      According to the hotel's website they have a "complimentary trolley" to Burlingame -- so I guess the question is, what is recommended in downtown Burlingame?

    2. Greetings FlyerFanX,

      I see you're pretty active on the philly and mid-atlantic board.

      As noted, the SF Airport Hyatt is in nearly the middle of no where. It's on the swamp side of the freeway, isolated in the middle of a marsh. It would be a rather depressing 15 minute walk through truck depos and along freeway sidings to get anywhere.

      Burlingame, the closest town, is part of the string of towns running along the train line south of SF. It's had a certain amount of revitalization, has a few spots to eat. Sort of like Media, but less frumpy. In general, the peninsula is known for asian food - the sushi standout Sakae is there, and the town of Millbrea which has excellent chinese food. The hotel shuttle and some public transit.

      If you'd like to eat in San Franicsco, you're going to have to figure out your transport. Caltrain runs from Burlingame to downtown, but it's about as much fun as SEPTA, but slower and less frequent. BART from millbrea is also possible, which is more comfortable (cloth seats) and runs to multiple good eat locations (16th and mission, etc), takes only 25 minutes to the 16th and mission stop in SF,but doesn't stop in Burlingame. If your airport will take you to Millbrea bart, that would be a good option. If you arrange for a rental car you'll have the city at your doorstep - SF is about a 15 minute drive from the Mission (google says 20 minutes - feh), SOMA, Financial dictrict, and potrero hill districts, all of which have great eats but require city parking skills. If you're doing business all day, having a car to pop into the city and unwind seems like a great choice - especially if you're doing business in the Oyster Point area (the biotech complex that drives a lot of the economy there-abouts). The traffic dies down about 6:30ish, and there's no real "reverse commute" into the city any more. But if you pop out of your work at 5:30, freshen up, hit the road at 6:30 for a 7 rez, you'll have a fine time.

      Seeing a couple of your posts, I think you'd be interested in Bruno's, the Slow Club, Serpentine, Spruce, and similar. If you do decide SF, please post with your area of interest -- you'll have a few thousand possible restaurants and only a few meals.

      I'd recommend two options are available for figuring out public transit. Google Maps has great transit router, as does . You should probably start your trip in downtown burlingame where the hotel shuttle drops you.