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Feb 4, 2010 08:52 AM

What size rice cooker to buy? Zojirushi NP-HBC10 or 18?

Hi - We're a couple - two people - with kids "out of the house." We both LOVE to cook and enjoy leftovers. I don't want to go overkill buying a cooker that is too large; however, I want to be able to use if for recipies, etc. Sometimes kids are over for dinner and entertaining. Will the 5.5 cup be sufficient? Both sizes are the same price. Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Also, will I be disappointed if I cook a small quality of rice in the larger-size cooker?

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    1. Several people here have 10-cup Zojirushi rice cookers ("-18", or 1.8 liter), and successfully make small quantities of rice without any quality issues.

      It's always nice to have the extra capacity when the need arises...

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        I'm with Joe Blowe. I have the larger size. I normally use it to make a very small quantity and have had no quality issues doing that. I have brought the rice cooker to parties a couple of times and have filled it to capacity. It's nice to have that option. I would recommend getting the larger size.

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          I have a 10 cup Zojirushi induction model and find two cups is okay but, three cups is really what's needed for the best quality. Two cups isn't bad, it just that three cups or more is where I get the best results. 3 to 10 cups is same in terms of quality with my Zojirushi, my rice, at my house. ;-)

      2. If you have the space or don't mind leaving it out on the counter go for the larger size. Especially if you entertain, which it sounds like you do.


        1. i had the 5.5 now i have the 10. quality is the same, and i can make bigger pots of rice soup!

          1. I have the 10 cup model. I have actually never made more than 4 cups in it, and usually I make 3 cups (and still have leftovers). While I don't really need the 10 cup model, if they are the same price, then it's nice to have.