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Feb 4, 2010 08:12 AM

Uglesich's is coming out of retirement for one weekend

They are going to be serving the famous Shrimp Uggie at the New Orleans Roadfood Festival on March 27-28.

Other highlights of the festival include:

- Louie Mueller's Texas barbecue and hot sausage
- Maine Diner seafood chowder
- Tucson Tamale Company hot tamales
- Tony Luke's Philadelphia cheese steaks
- Henpeck Market pimento cheese sandwich
- Cajun country boudin sausage from T-Boy's Slaughterhouse
- Middendof's Louisiana thin-sliced catfish
- Que Crawl Truck Cochon de lait po boy
- Bud Royer's Pecan Pie from the heart of Texas - a la mode
- Louisiana Meat Pies and Crawfish Pies from Lasyone's of Nachitoches

The full lineup can be found on the festival web site http://www.neworleansroadfoodfestival...

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  1. I wish they were making the Oysters with Bleu Cheese and the BBQ oysters.

    I always liked the oyster shucker at Uglesich's. Is he working in another restaurant?

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    1. re: Crabby Clara

      A couple of years ago, my wife and I were at Felix's and chatted up the shucker.

      He introduced himself as Mike and indicated that he had been at Uglesich's until it closed. Looked in the Uggie cookbook and, sure enough, there was Mike. Got him to sign my Felix's t-shirt.

      That said, can't say he's still at Felix's.

    2. WOW, I really miss Uggie's. Maybe they'll consider opening a place in the future.

      1. Anyone else planning to come next weekend? I am looking forward to the beignet eating contest between the fire and police department.

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        1. re: hotel96

          Unreal in addition to uglesichs which is s till dearly missed the other world class food from other areas of the country wow.

          1. re: hotel96

            I'm sad I'll be missing this, but it's the same day as the Freret Street Festival, which I'll be vending for.

            1. re: hotel96

              Well, it doesn't look like many people on the forum went to the event, but I really enjoyed Ugelisich, Louie Mueller and the many other vendors. Looking forward to participating next year.

            2. I went and everything I ate was good, but did I miss something--I don't recall seeing a few of these places represented (Tucson Tamale, Tony Luke's, Middendorf's)?