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Feb 4, 2010 08:02 AM


I remember there was a lot of hype about this place when it first opened, but I haven't heard anything in a while. I'm thinking of heading there soon. Does anyone have any recent experiences?

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  1. I love L'unita. I have been about 4 times and everytime everything has been perfect.
    Great service, great food, great ambiance!
    I had tried the pizza (can't remember which one) which was good but nothing fantastic and have since stuck with pasta or risotto every visit since.
    If you like sardines (which I do!) they have a fantastic sardine and crostini appetizer.

    1. I don't go there often but the few times I have been there, I've really enjoyed it. The last time was probably 4 or 5 months ago. I've always sat at the bar, service has been friendly and polished. I can't remember everything we've had but I do remember a knockout spaghetti alla carbonara and I think we had some braised shortribs on our first visit that were also quite good.

      1. My experience at l'Unita was not as positive. Went for my birthday last year with my fiance. Ambiance was nice overall. Food was alright - the charcuterie plate was good, the gnocchi was ok and the pizza was way too salty. In fairness, they did comp us the pizza. What ruined the experience for us was the attitude of one of the two servers . He was so condescending the entire time, treating us as if we had just emerged from some cave and never been to a restaurant before (e.g. frowning at us the whole time, explaining the meaning of simple words we didn't even ask about, then ignoring us when we tried to get his attention to ask about our order) . He was much more interested in fawning over the couple sitting next to us, who appeared to be regulars. The other server seemed to recognise her colleague's attitude and tried to make up for it as best she could, but the first guy just left us frustrated and uninterested in even finishing our meal there. We really wished we had gone to Libretto instead. I wouldn't say L'Unita is a total write-off, maybe I was just unlucky...

        1. I like it and the owners have always been more than pleasant and accommodating to me ever since the restaurant opened.
          The food has also always been solid italian food...

          The cannolis are actually memorable with white chocolate and orange... incredible!!!

          it is a nice ambiance cause you can be there on a date, with your parents, or a bunch of friends and it's still very intimate.

          As for price, with drinks, desserts and all the little added extras, it does come up to more than I would like to pay for an upscale italian meal.

          but i still go back every 3 months - especially cause for the location its not a tourist trap and still pretty laid back (for yorkville)...

          The only downfall is the sommelier...I dont know enough about wine to judge them, but I know that there was something very vinegary to it this one time... and it was not right.
          And so I returned it....
          HE did this whole tasting show with the glass and tongue (a bit ridiculous and pretencious if you ask me, it was only a $70 bottle, hardly a vintage or anything memorable) and preceded to give me a lesson on the grapes of that region in italy.... only I followed it with " I know, I've been to that vineyard in italy, and know that grape very well and this is not how it should taste" --- (i never order grapes i dont know) he was silent and then did the whole sore loser thing like "suit yourself, choose another bottle and we'll be more than happy to enjoy this one at the bar"... really? my only thoughts were, well have fun with your bottle of vinegar!

          anways, apart from him, everything else is great at l'unita!

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            injek, I've only been to L'Unita once and it was okay but nothing that made me want to return. I will say though, that the experience you describe with the sommelier would be enough to seal the deal for me. They would not have another cent from me. You must be extremely easy going and good natured to put up with crap like that!