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Feb 4, 2010 06:32 AM

Essence Wedding Cakes

Greetings fellow ChowHounders,

Has anyone tried an Essence Wedding Cake?

I am doing some research for my upcoming wedding in August 2010 and are considering them. Have had difficulty finding any reviews on them, apart from the ones on their website.

Does anyone know anything about them or tasted their cakes?

Ideally, I'd love to order my wedding cake from Dufflet but I have a feeling that is going to be an expensive cake.

If anyone has ANY suggestions on good wedding cake - my fiancé and I love good, dense, moist, creamy cakes. No artificial stuff preferred.

BTW - I have noted Shirley's Sweet Creations already from scrounging through past postings. I am definitely going to give her a call but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. My suggestion might not be so helpful, since it's probably in the Dufflet $ range, but I swear Frangipane ( is worth every penny. Their cakes are wonderful, fresh, nothing artificial. I live down the street and have spent far too much money there because their cookies and cakes are so addictive and wonderful. They are masters of unique flavour combinations, and the "normal" ones (i.e. chocolate cake) are equally delicious.

    You should be able to arrange tastings without committing to purchase - so take advantage of that!

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      Thank you c.cow! I have been to Frangipane before but only indulged in a raspberry frangipane tart. I did not try their cakes although they look absolutely delish.

      I have to say I was a wee bit let down with the tart as I thought the frangipane tasted a bit bland.

      I will check out their cakes though!

    2. This might not help you, but I had a Dufflets cake at my wedding last year. It was actually more reasonably priced than other options. You could get a smaller tier cake and a sheet cake to save costs. And actually, we had tirimisu cups for dessert, and a full dessert table, so literally, only 3 slices of our sheet cake were eaten. We ordered a two tier cake and a sheet cake that fed about 130 for 230 guests.We got a flavour and design that didn't cost extra, i.e. a more basic design, and just added about $10 to add red to the design.

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        Thanks sway! I haven't actually priced out any cakes yet so I really appreciate your input about Dufflets. Puts things into context for sure. We are also having dessert and then a midnight sweet / pizza table but we just have to have a wedding cake! To me, our wedding wouldn't be complete without a cake.

        1. re: culinarykitty

          I also had a Dufflet's cake. I was not bargain hunting per se, but their prices did seem in line with most other mid-range suppliers. I was also not looking for the absolute best, most gourmet cake in town, but If you love Dufflet's, I don't think you will be disappointed - and you won't have to pay $25 for a tasting. You can get the different tiers in different flavours including carrot cake.

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            Let me know if you have other questions about it, but my best advice is to order cake for less than half your guests, and ALSO the dessert table for less than half your guests. From what I remember, our dessert table was for 100 people, and no one touched it as they were too full. We also did a candy bar though, so maybe a bit over the top : )
            Our cake was the mocha, my favorite Dufflet wedding cake flavour. I had I think Chocolate truffle at a friend's, didn't like it at all.

            1. re: sway

              Hi Sway, did you mean you tried the chocolate fudge cake from Dufflet at a friend's wedding? Interesting because my fiance and I just went to our Dufflet tasting - even though I have pretty much tried all of their cakes over the last few years but the tasting was more for him since he doesn't really eat that many cakes and pastries AND I have to say their chocolate fudge cake that I normally love tasted a little dry and over all lacklustre. I have a feeling it was because it was defrosted. I was disappointed though. I'm wondering since for weddings they need to bake the cakes in advance if they dry out and I'd end up serving dry cake at our wedding.

              We had another tasting with Shirley from Shirley's Sweet Creations and although I love the texture of her cakes, I found them a wee bit bland. She mentioned she doesn't like 'too sweet' cakes and my fiance is in the same boat so he actually loved Shirley's stuff but I didn't find her cakes all that great I'm sad to say. I'm going to try Frangipane next.

              If anyone has any other suggestions, please send my way!

              787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

              1. re: culinarykitty

                Good luck with Frangipane! They have some fab looking Easter cakes now - really pretty stuff.

                Recently had a great (and perfectly portioned) pumpkin pie from the Dessert Lady (Yorkville just West of Bloor) - specialty there seems to be wedding-related dessert, though! You might check them out - other good reviews on this board for cupcakes, etc.!

                Dessert Lady
                12 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W 1J5, CA

                1. re: culinarykitty

                  Sorry, it was the chocolate raspberry truffle cake that I had at another friend's wedding. It had a weird play-doh texture that I didn't like. But I recently had the chocolate fudge cake (it was a large sheet cake, so similar to a wedding cake) and it was excellent. You can't really go with the tasting (ironically), they don't taste anything like the way their fresh cakes, as you said they are defrosted. I *think* I remember them saying they bake the wedding cakes the morning of, so they should be fresh and moist. My mocha cake was delicious, a thousand times better than at the tasting.

          2. I ordered my cake from Dolcini in Kleinburg, but their main bakery is in Weston(West Finch Bakery). Joesph is amazing and his creations are to die for and I thought he was reasonably priced. Depends on what you want. We are having fruit de bosco (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) & custard filling in a white cake. It was to DIE for. Not many bakers will do custard. Joesph's is home made from scratch.

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              Thanks for the suggestion rostafoya! Will add to my list of bakeries to check out. :-)