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Feb 4, 2010 06:26 AM

restaurant supply stores in Hong Kong

Where should I look to find an obscure regional cooking implement -- I would love to bring home the curved knife and wood block used to make Shanxi-style knife shaved noodles (dao xiao mien). I've asked at the big Chinese restaurant supply store in San Francisco (where I live) and the owner laughed and said "only in China!" Any leads? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know about restaurant supply stores in HK. But when we were in Shanxi one of the chef demonstrated his knife shaved noodles techniques with an instrument he made himself, out of a tin can. So you don't need any special curved knife.

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      You should try Shanghai Street. The street is filled with Kitchen supply stores and you just might find the knife there.

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        Thanks very much -- I will. It looks like Shanghai Street runs from south of Jordan Road to Price Edward Rd; where along Shanghai Street is the best place to find kitchen supply stores?

        1. re: david kaplan

          Take the train to Yau Ma Tei MTR Station and exit at B2. You'll be on Waterloo Road. Cross the street then that should be the beginning of Shanghai Street on where the Kitchen supply stores are located. Think the stores are in 300's Shanghai Road. Hope this helps.

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            I've just returned from going up and down Shanghai Street. Many thanks for the lead. I must have shown my "dao xiao mien dao" characters to 20 shopkeepers. No one has this knife, though probably half knew exactly what it was. Several said, "go to Beijing." Most helpfully, one shopkeeper offered to buy one when he's home in Sichuan province next week for the New Year, email me a photo, and offer me a price for shipping it to me in the States. So your advice will probably result in a knife! Thanks again.

            1. re: david kaplan

              oh that's great to hear. I really hope the shop keeper can find one for you. good luck!