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Feb 4, 2010 06:12 AM

Any Comments on Rooster in Charlotte?

Charlotte's daily Groupon discount is for Roosters and just wondering what people thought of this one? Any good and if so what are the must haves and avoids? I know it is near Southpark Mall and thought we might combine it with a shopping trip. Not sure what else is around there. I know it's OT, but any insight on that would be greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with the area. TIA

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  1. Here is a review I wrote on Rooster's from about a year ago... good food, good fun

    1. Rooster's is great at full price - at 1/2 off it's a steal! Jim Noble is doing his best to stick to the "locovore" plan; even in this economy. THere are a slew of great choices on the menu but if you like chicken livers - his fried version is from heaven.

      Lots of choices - lots of fun!

      1. I went tonight and shared a few snacks with one of my friends, YUM. We had a side of pasta, fried oysters and an ice cream sandwich. Their ice cream sandwiches are delish. The menu changes, tonight it was peanut butter cookies with chocolate gelato. That alone is worth the trip.