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Feb 4, 2010 06:06 AM

Good spot for craft beers near the Convention Center?

My brother and sil will be in town on Friday for the Auto Show. Any suggestions for a spot not too far from the Convention Center for great beer and good bar food? With the weather coming in on Friday they would like the bar to be within an easy walk. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. The closest place I can think of that meets that criteria is Time on the 1300 block of Sansom. I had always heard that the food there was bad but I tried it not long ago and was pleasantly surprised. Not blown away or anything, but it was pretty good. Their draft beer list is very good, right now it looks like they have Corsendonk Brown, Paulaner Salvator, Dogfish 90-minute IPA, Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, among others.

    If you don't mind walking a little further, the Good Dog is at 15th and Locust.

    1. What he said, plus Varga Bar at 10th & Spruce and Prohibition Tap Room on 13th St near Spring Garden (will not show off one of our finer neighborhoods). Food will fit the bill at Varga; never ate at Prohibition, but I know they try.

      Good beer selection at both spots; better than Good Dog IMO:

      1. Not your typical "bar food" but Tria at 12th and Spruce has an excellent selection of beers (and wines, cheeses, sandwiches, and salads).

        Or, I'd also second Varga Bar. Especially for a snowy winter night.

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          Good Dog has great food and is not all that far...

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            Good Dog, Jose Pistoles, Monk's, Nodding Head are all walkable. We're not averse to walking to Eulogy or Triumph from the conv center either.

            Before the show, went to RTM to Old City Coffee, LeBus, then a $4 breakfast po boy at Beck's Cajun Cafe which was great.

        2. i think i'm too late here, but i need to second prohibition taproom and it's only a 10-min walk or so from the convention center (or a short cab ride) - just up 13th. the beer selection there is AMAzing and the food is just as delicious. don't miss the green beans. i also had the best salad of my life here, and that is no understatement.

          i always crave bar food like this when it's snowing out. if they have weyerbacher's fireside ale on tap, i highly recommend it. perfect perfect perfect snow day beer. methinks i'll have to get out the boots and trudge down there tomorrow now.

          1. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. They actually got to town early, headed for Monk's and never made it to the Auto Show! Finished up the evening joining me after work for a brew near my home, at Memphis Tap. However, bro has checked out all your suggestions online and is planning a schedule to hit them all. He especially likes the looks of Varga, Good Dog and Prohibition. Also, since he won't be confined to a particular area on future visits, I will definitely be adding to the list. As always, thanks for your help.