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Feb 4, 2010 06:00 AM


We are coming up for the Olympics and staying in a house in Cambie. We are wine freaks, but also have a couple of mid size kids with us. What are the great restaurants, as well as the killer dives? Any good pubs as well?

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  1. Cambie Street is very long, starting in Gastown, cutting through bits of Yaletown and then heading over the bridge through Fairview and beyond. What's the cross street? :)

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      Cambie St is indeed long. There are a couple of clusters of restaurants - one cluster around 16th in particular (which I'm thinking is what the OP meant). In that zone is Stella's (Belgian gastropub), Pied-a-Terre (French bistro food), Gloucester Cafe (HK Cafe), Shanghai Village, Sate Satu (Indonesian), Shiro (sushi), Szechuan House, Whitespot (burgers, etc) and quite a number of others.