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Feb 4, 2010 05:49 AM

Orlando Kosher Groceries

Going to Orlando with the family next week and staying in timeshare on Disney property. Looking for recent updates of kosher restaurants to go to with little kids. Also wondering which supermarkets have the best selection of kosher items to stock our kitchen.

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  1. Publix's in the Kissemmee area carry lots of kosher stuff including frozen glatt kosher raw meats (Meal mart if I remember correctly) the timeshare we were at had a self cleaning oven with a broiler. Had the best ribeye steak I ever had. lots of other frozen stuff like stuffed cabbage too. I even found shelled hard boiled eggs with an O-U at Publix

    1. It seems like things have improved - check out for a fairly decent list -

      1. The whole foods on Sand Lake carries the Kosher Valley Turkey and Chicken

        Regarding grocery and Meals: I'd agree with Publix. Not sure which one would be best, Sand lake is close to the Chabad. Kosher culinary also has a small grocery section.

        Regarding restaurants: Ole has closed. Cohen's is now open in Clermont and is certified by Chabad. I'd recommend calling ahead because they can get busy.