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Feb 4, 2010 05:37 AM
Discussion Dinner-of-the-Month weirdness

Does anyone else buy's dinner-of-the-month 6-pack of gift certificates ? Lately, I've noticed that there are certain restaurants whose gift certificates are never available for DotM redemption, although they are available for regular purchase. That seems kind of underhanded to me, since it's not made clear upfront that this will happen. In fact, I called them and they said the GCs are coming from 2 different pools, and that pool for DotM may not be refilled at the same time as the general pool, but frankly, it seems like it's never refilled for those restaurants. (They said to wait a few days, but I can see the regular pool is starting to sell out, so I don't think the DotM is going to be refilled at all.)

Anyone noticing similar problems ?

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