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Feb 4, 2010 05:35 AM

Drinks near the Omni Parker House


I've got some friends in from out of town on Friday who are heading to the Celtics game and then staying at the Omni Parker House. I need a place to grab drinks and possibly a bite to eat around 9:30/10, anywhere in the vicinity of the Garden to Omni Parker. We're 30-somethings, so we're not quite looking for the Faneuil Hall scene.

I was thinking about Clink or Alibia, or perhaps even Woodward (having never been to the later) but I've heard that these places can be crowded on weekend nights; I'm not really looking to wait behind the rope :-) Any thoughts? Someplace with the vibe of Eastern Standard would be great, but nothing seems to come to mind that I know wouldn't be overly crowded and we'd be able to hold a coversation...


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  1. What about Silvertone's? Its right around the corner from the Omni.

    1. It isn't exactly in the locale you're looking at, but Via Matta isn't too far out of the way either. It's definitely my go-to for later-night eats. Their bar menu is available until 1:00 AM. Yummy pizzas and bar snacks. I've definitely fed myself to beyond contentment there on arancini and polpette. I like the enoteca's atmosphere and their basil-lime gimlet is one amazing concoction.

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        Via Matta is not in the area around the Garden or Omni Parker. If the OP is going to open up his search area, that's fine, but Alibi/Clink would be much more convenient. Could you make a rez at Woodward for dinner to get past the ropes and then just sorta-kinda spur of the moment decide you would rather just get drinks? Don't think they would make you get back into line. Also consider the bar at the Oceannaire, right next door. You could also visit the bar at No. 9 Park, very close to the OP.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Apparently, you didn't read the first line of my comment. I am fully aware that VM is out of the immediate area but it still is not horribly out of the way. I've walked from Liberty to Via and then to Silvertone in one night (in the winter). It's a lot of walking but not bad for someone who is also a "30-something."

          I was suggesting a place that had an atmosphere that might be something the OP is looking for as well as later-night food options. The food options dry up considerably after 10 in this town.

          I'd second Silvertone for the food and No. 9 for the cocktails.

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            Nothing is horribly out of the way in Boston, let's be honest. Just trying to inform the OP that VM is not close to the neighborhood he expressed interest in. Otherwise, we could open up the entire city for consideration, which is not a bad idea. Most everything is within a 15 minute cab ride in our fair city.

        1. Kingston Station is a short walk from the Omni with that sort of vibe, as is Silvertone, although both have a tendency towards loud and crowded. My go to in that area is generally Marliave or No. 9 Park. Hopefully someone else can chime in re: the later-scene at Woodward.

          1. Thanks folks! Via Matta is likely just a bit too far - we were going to walk back with them from the Garden and I don't want to drag them across the Common. Making a reservation at Woodward is certainly a thought - I would just worry about timing and not being able to get there if the game ran long. Is my perception right that Woodward would likely be problematic to get into at this time of the night?

            I definitely thought about Marliave, but according to their web site they're only open till 10. Or am I reading that wrong - is it just food they serve until 10 and the bar is open later?

            Silvertone's I had forgotten about; I remember a lot of after work Thursday/Friday nights where this place was so packed and loud you couldn't think about holding a coversation though. I'll have to take a look at Kingston Station...

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            1. re: chambemd

              I think Bob's Oceannaire suggestion was a great one. Beautiful room, big bar area or you'd be able to sit down if you wanted, shouldn't be a hassle. The bar downstairs at Kingfish Hall might not be bad. And their food isn't the best but the Plaza III steak house has a good quiet bar area.

              1. re: Joanie

                Hi Joanie --
                Plaza III is a good idea, based on the original specification.
                Back in the day, I used to have many a supper sitting at their bar.