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Feb 4, 2010 05:33 AM

Looking for Cajun ingredients.

I am looking for andoullie sausage and other Cajun ingrediants in the Delaware Valley.

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  1. Reading Terminal Market - sausage at Harry Ochs or Martin's, other ingredients at Spice Terminal. The new cajun place - Beck's - has some ingredients too, not sure what all they carry. Crawfish at the seafood place by Salumeria (frozen tails) Only place I ever saw tasso was Sonny D'Angelo's in the Italian Market. Ippolito's can get you live crawfish in season

    1. I'd guess that Cajun ingredients are hard to find in the DV because LaBan, in an article in Thursday's Inquirer, mentioned a number of on-line purveyors that he uses. If it were available in the city, I'd think LaBan would know where to find it and not be using on-line stores.

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        i bet those are just the best available of said ingredients. he is fussy about nola cuisine (rightfully so) so maybe he just turns his nose up at what we have available in philly....

      2. Andoullie sausage is easy at RTM and other upscale grocers. If you are having trouble finding it, post your specific location as the DV is pretty big.

        What are the other ingredients?

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          Thanks. I'm about 10 miles east of Philly in NJ. Looking for andouille sausage.

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            You should have no problem finding it at your local Wegman's or Whole Foods.