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Feb 4, 2010 05:20 AM

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

So says the sign in the window....

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  1. It's just up the street from me, so I'm hoping it's going to be good!! If you go, please post about it!

    1. So looking forward to this. I'll be sure to check it out!

      1. My chocolate chunk cookie was really good. Nice big cookie with a serious homemade taste for $1.50. I don't actually know if that's the official name for it, because it was the only flavour they had at the time. Stock on everything was really low, and the place was hopping, but they also had an assortment of biscotti, ginger spice loaves for $4.99, a variety of jams and chutneys (including a seville orange and chocolate marmalade) and I saw someone leaving with a pie. Coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, cappucinos, etc ran from $1.50-1.99 for a good sized small.

        Very cheery, friendly atmosphere. Really good cookies. It's nice to have a bakery in the neighbourhood.* I'll definitely be back in next time I want a good loaf of bread, and look forward to seeing if they do special occasion cakes.

        *I'm actually much closer to Jubilee Cakes, but have only seen them open once - walked by during their posted hours to see all the lights off, walked past a few hours later and noticed they were open for a change - about an hour after they should have closed for the day. I'm not entirely convinced they aren't a front for something else.

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          whoa! Wait a second! Jubilee Cakes actually opens? I have EVER seen them open and I used to pass by twice every day. I thought it was a front, too.

          Encouraged to hear that Celena's has potential. You had me at chocolate marmalade

        2. So, Hubby and I went yesterday, their first day. Very, very busy, as in no more seating available and at least a five minute line-up. They were clearly having trouble keeping up with demand, as the displays were pretty much empty, but there were quite a few people in the open kitchen working to put more on the shelves. We tried a few things: a baguette, a pie, some croissants, which were all good, but were all lacking in one key feature: They were all a little underbaked. (I am wondering if they were just pushing baking times in order to put product in customers' hands...) Excellent coffee. We will be back.

          1. Popped in to this place on Sunday. Had a look at all the loaves, and was pretty impressed by the size, and the apparent quality. Didn't really see any other treats (ie. croissant, etc) but I was really only looking for a good quality bread. So I picked up a loaf of traditional white (I think they called it "tin white") and then remembered that someone mentioned the ginge spice loaves. I asked if they had any, after checking with Celena (impressed that she was there and visible in the back) they told me that they would be ready after 4pm. I found that kind of odd, yet gratifying. Odd because they close at 5pm, and most places have already started cleaning up by that time. Gratifying in that it meant there would still be very fresh baked goods available throughout the day (although we will see what happens after they settle into a groove and have their grand opening).

            Anyway, got home and cut a slice of bread. It was amazing. Very, very fresh and tasty. I just ate the bread on its own without anything. To do otherwise would have seemed sacrilegious. Later, made a sandwich with it, and you can never underestimate the power of really fresh bread. Love it.

            I will have to make special trips out to this place, but those excursions will be worth it. Can't wait to try some of their other goodies and see how they compare.