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Feb 4, 2010 05:11 AM

Rasika without Reservations

Good morning,
I am looking to take a friend to Rasika tomorrow night. I tried open table and called the restaurant and there aren't any tables available. We are looking to go at about 7 PM. Is there a trick to getting in or do we just risk it? We are happy to sit at bar tables but not right at the bar (are there bar tables?). Or is it dreaming for 7 PM on Friday night without a big wait?
Otherwise, I will just take to one of my nearby favorites. proof or zaytinya.

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  1. There are at least three theatres very close by that provide a huge crowd of people looking around for a last minute table. One of them, Woolly Mammoth, is right next door. After 6:30pm, it is VERY wishful thinking.

    1. I agree. 6:30 or earlier, you have a good shot at a table or a seat at the bar. Can you push up your meeting time?

      1. You might have a chance once the snow-phobics start canceling.

        1. Normally, you'd probably have a long wait (maybe an hour or so). But there's a pretty big snowstorm moving into the region tomorrow night, so that might thin the crowds. Keep checking with the restaurant to see if they've had cancellations.

          1. What everyone else said, but snow notwithstanding, you have no better chance of getting a table without a reservation at 7p on a Friday at Proof or Zaytinya than you do at Rasika.

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              i was just getting excited about the snow. Since I grew up in Michigan, I have pretty good luck in the snow. During the storms in December, the thinned crowds were the perfect situation for me.
              We may just go to Zaytinya then. It's my standby and I am always happy to go there. Rasika has been on my list for a while. I had no idea that it was such a tough table to get.