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Feb 4, 2010 04:55 AM

Best BBQ restaurant in Uptown/Downtown area?

New to the area looking for a great BBQ restaurant within 15 minutes of Oaklawn and Lemmon.

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  1. You are in a tough spot for BBQ. Dallas does not have good BBQ at all. I live very close to you and I'd say your best bets are : Baker's Ribs Greenville or Deep Ellum, Sammy's on Leonard across for the Fed. Reserve (lunch only) or Big Al's on Inwood south. of Lemmon. Baker's ribs is generally my go to. Ribs, pulled pork and sides are good.

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    1. re: J.R.

      Tried Bakers. Maybe I hit a bad day. Food was cold. Nothing great. I have heard Big Al's is good. Going to try it this weekend.

      1. re: sigpete67

        I wasn't impressed by Baker's in Deep Ellum either.

        I liked the beef ribs at Al's.

      2. re: J.R.

        2nd that emotion for Baker's Ribs on Greenville...

      3. when I'm in the area for lunch, I normally eat at Smokey John's on Mockingbird.

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        1. re: planojim

          Never heard of Smokey Johns. Thanks.

        2. You might try Mac’s Bar-B-Que. D Magazine listed them as one of the best places for BBQ in Dallas.

          I haven't been yet, but it's on my shortlist.

          1. I've heard good things about Dr. Bell BBQ on Main Street in downtown Dallas.

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            1. re: twinwillow

              Dr. Bell's was just okay. They are definitely trying hard, and the brisket had a ton of smoke, but it was pretty dry. Sausage and ribs were pretty average, too. They have potential, I think. If I worked downtown, I would keep it in the lunchtime rotation, but I wouldn't go way out of my way. For that neck of the woods, I like Baker's Ribs better (sides are better there, too).

            2. Try Mike Anderson's on Harry Hines just north of Medical District drive. It's good BBQ.