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Looking for Limburger Cheese in O.C.

I have been given a quest by my Mother. She is craving Limburger cheese (I can't stand the stuff) and has not been able to find it at her usual supermarkets. So I am asking the Chowhounders, does anyone know where I can find good quality Limburger Cheese in Orange County? Long Beach and that area are also possibilities. I'm in Huntington Beach.

Thanks for any ideas.


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  1. I would call Venissimo in Long Beach - they've carried it before, but it isn't on their "current" web menu - They say:

    ... "If we don't have it today, just ask the Cheese Wiz if we can get it tomorrow"...


    1. I've seen it at Henry's Market in Yorba Linda. I'm not sure if they still carry it.

      Henry's Marketplace
      17482 Yorba Linda Boulevard
      Yorba Linda, CA 92886-3867
      (714) 572-3535

      1. I would use the phone and try Bristol Farms and then Whole Foods. Gelson's is a possibility as well.

        1. Try Whole Foods, I bought at their market in Glendale.

          1. I would try the Whole Foods at The District in Tustin. It's gigantic and has a larger selection of cheeses than normal Whole Foods that I've been to elsewhere.

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              Bristol Farms also has an extensive cheese selection.

            2. Believe it or not, all Ralphs stores carry Limburger cheese--I know, since I am a fan of it, although I have to treat it as I would if I smoked---never in the house and never in the vicinity of my wife. The fancier stores and cheese shops don't seem to carry it--I know, I know, that should tell me something, but I am hooked on it!

              1. Try Frogs Breath Cheese Store in Orange.

                143 N. Glassell, Orange, CA 92866
                (714) 744-1773

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                1. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. It looks like I have a little driving to do.


                  1. I scored some at Trader Joe's before. Small package next to the blue cheeses. I love just about every stinky cheese I've tried but this one beat me :-D

                    1. You may want to call the new place called "Yhe Meat Store" in Costa Mesa. they have an unusually large assortment of cheeses. They are on the corner of Newport and17th st.

                      1. I ended up finally finding it at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach. I was surprised that neither Frog's Breath nor Venissimo had it. The Meat House didn't have it but they did have some very nice pork chops that I had for dinner that night. :)

                        Thanks again for all the help. My mom was very happy.

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                          MacGuy, I am glad you found it!
                          Thanks for posting back.