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Feb 4, 2010 03:18 AM

The Italian Hot Dog comes to Florida

Ex New Jersey resident Joe Berardi equipped a small trailer with a kitchen and opened Gramp's Italian Kitchen in Cape Coral. He serves an authentic Italian Hot Dog on pizza bread delivered from New Jersey. So now there's at least one place in Florida where you can get this treat.

There are places throughout the country that serve what they call an Italian Hot Dog but it's not the same as what we have here in Jersey where this sandwich originated. Wrong bread, wrong type of hot dog, wrong method of preparation. This is the real deal. Pizza bread is unknown for the most part outside of New Jersey. I don't even know if you can make good pizza bread in Florida because the water is different. There is a place somewhere in Florida that makes bagels with water delivered from New York.

Being from New Jersey where the Italian Hot Dog originated combined with the right ingredients and cooking method adds up to a sandwich that I'm sure is just like what we get here. Those of you living in Florida that have never had a real Italian Hot Dog should check this place out. And those living there that are from New Jersey can enjoy a taste of home.

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  1. i miss jimmy buffs and charlies in kenilworth---also like rutts hut--------where on the east coast can we get joisy food

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        1. Thanks, hotdoglover. I grew up in Paterson, NJ, married my husband from Nutley, NJ, and we lived in Belleville, NJ. We are now retired in Florida. There was a good sub shop in Belleville called B&T's. They made the authentic Italian Hot Dog. Gooood! I live outside of Englewood, Fl, on the West Coast, so Cape Coral is too far for us. Certainly, close enough to get an authentic Italian Hot Dog, so thanks for the info. I will look up "Gramp's Italian Kitchen" on the 'net and get there ASAP. Again, thanks.

          Italian Kitchen & Cafe
          6915 US Highway 301 S, Riverview, FL 33578

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