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Feb 4, 2010 02:49 AM

Need pre theater restaurant. Theater is at 48th, twn 6th/7th. this Friday

Help! I always flounder around w/ pre-theater dining. We are booked at Maria Pia, but wondering if it is too far to walk in case of inclement weather. I know this is asking a lot,
but...not too noisy, good food, close to 48th, two 6th/7th . Thanks!

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  1. This isn't a traditional pre-theater spot, but I had drinks and appetizers at NIOS the small restaurant/bar of the Muse hotel (46th between 6th/7th) and loved it. Didn't have dinner, but the food the people at the table next to us got looked good. Otherwise, Pongsri is a tasty and reasonably-priced Thai restaurant on 48th close to 8th.

    1. Lattanzi on W 46 (8-9).

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          I also like DB Bistro for pre-theater in that area. If you can do a 6pm reservation and tell them you have tickets, they can get you in and out in plenty of time without feeling rushed.

        2. Kodama Sushi -45th and 8th ( enter on 45th street).good Japanese but you should make a reservation-582-8065. I might have said 5 Napkin Burger, but our last meal there was not very good. The service was really bad, which always impacts my enjoyment-even if you are rushing to finish for the theater.