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ISO Andouille Sausage

Looking to make a batch of gumbo for Super Bowl Sunday. Does anyone know where I can find some good andouille sausage in San Francisco or Marin?

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  1. FWIW Andronico's has Saag's andouille on sale this week for $2.99 for 12 oz package.

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      I'm a fan of Saag's sausages, but I don't think the andouille is one of their better ones. I used to have good luck with the long Aidells sticks, but that was years ago.

      Isn't there a place in Oakland's Housewive's Market that imports from LA or has a good local version?

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        Taylor's Sausage makes some great products. They make a lot of their own products but I'm sure they bring some in as well.

        I didn't find the Andouille (in Jambalaya) that spicy but I haven't compared a lot and it was buried in a dish. (It worked in the dish) Taylor's reminded me of a marquez in prep and style and I imagine in gumbo it might be more apparent then in jambalaya.

        The Boudin sausages at Taylor's are very good...but again, no comparo with others.

    2. The Aidells stand at the Marin Farmer's Mkt Thursday and Sunday usually has long andouille sticks available if you ask. I like them better than the packaged links and use them when I make sausage based gumbo.

      1. my SO went to tulane and has been on an andouille hunt for gumbo and red beans and rice. he thought the aidell's packaged links were a total fail (we haven't tried the long sticks gumbolox referenced), as well as other packaged brands. so far, his best results have been with the andouille in the draeger's meat case.

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          Fatted Calf's andouille is available this week. Any experience with it?

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            I like the Fatted Calf andouille a lot, it's what I always try to get when we're making gumbo. My family was really impressed with the difference between it and other andouille that we've tried (Aidells especially).

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              I like Fatted Calf's andouille a lot and the texture is firm enough that it's easy to work with, but doesn't get too tough when you cook it for extended periods. Good smoky flavor.

          2. Try the fresh Schwartz andouille (by the link in the meat/seafood counter) at DeLano's IGA in the Castro. Delicious!

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              I wanted to like the Schwarz Andouille and used it for a red beans and rice preparation, but found that it lost almost all of its flavor over the course of the long simmer. But maybe if you browned the sausage pieces first, it'd be OK for the gumbo.

            2. Whole Foods had pork andouille sausages on sale this week. That's what I got to make gumbo. :)

              1. I've been making gumbo a long time, and I really don't think the sausage is that important. Any good quality spicy sausage will be OK...just spice the gumbo properly.

                1. I just got an email from Baron's Meat's in Alameda that mentioned they'd made a big batch of Andouille for this weekend.

                  1. I'm a fan of the house made sausages from Falletti's and particularly the andouille, I use them all them time when making Jambalaya.

                    1. WHO DAT! (anyway) too late now, but I think Saag's "Louisiana Hots" are actually better than the andouille. And for next time you can order the real deal from Jacob's in LaPlace: http://www.cajunsausage.com/order.htm

                      That is seriously the best Andouille known to man.

                      1. The Hobb's Applewood Smoked Meats Co., 3701 Collins Ave # 5C Richmond, CA 94806-2080 (510) 232-5577. Although Mr. Hobbs has left this mortal coil they still turn out some great products.The Andouille has a nice course texture, bright garlic and pepper flavor. Really worth seeking out. They also produce, great Tasso and Bacon. I am not sure where you can buy it retail but if you give them a call I am sure they can direct you

                        1. Thanks all. I ended up going to the Schwarz factory outlet on Mission. Had to get 5-lbs, but it was worth it! The gumbo made our bellies smile...boooyah!

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                          1. It's too late for the Super Bowl. If you want the real stuff, which they ship out quickly, go to http://poches.com/
                            Beyond andouille, they also have real tasso, and all kinds of other authentic cajun stuff. If you have never had their crawfish boudin, order that. It is incredible.