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Feb 3, 2010 09:41 PM

Oliveto Whole Hog Dinner....

Has anyone tried it this year? I know it might be a bit too early but I need recommendations, opinions, suggestions. I am going on Saturday...
Thank you in advance....

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  1. My wife and I had dinner there last night. The wild nettle lasagna and the choucroute garni were both delicious. We'll return tomorrow night for the blood sausage, pork tongue, and porchetta.

    1. I second the request for recommendations on this year's whole hog menu. At last year's dinner, I remembered really enjoying the spaghetti with pork confit and calabrian peppers. I'll also be there on Saturday.

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        Thanks to everyone that posted their experiences. We had about ten items from the menu, including the canederli, which I would probably not have noticed without your suggestion.

        We went on the final night. The place was busy and it seemed that the kitchen was really firing on all engines. The only semi-miss, was the liver spiedino. I liked it, but the less liver-inclined felt the pieces of liver were too large. Despite that dish, the others were extremely happy with the meal and agreed that several of the dishes were so good that they'd return just to eat any one of them. I won't go through the entire list of what we ate, you can go through my profile if you want to see it. Some favorites:

        - pork tongue, artichokes and truffles
        - canederli dumplings -- thanks to Lexdevil for the recommendation
        - spaghetti w coppa confit (couldn't pass this up)
        - papardelle neri with pork heart

        Overall, I loved this menu, the meal was well paced, the food well executed and service excellent.

      2. Headed there tonight! My first year trying the whole hog and very much looking forward to it. will report the meantime, if anyone has been this week and has feedback, I'd love to hear it.
        The Pappardelle nere with pork heart and wild mushroom ragĂș, is looking especially interesting to me....

        1. We went Thursday night. Pork Carpaccio was delicious, then on to the Porchetta which was amazing--so rich, but I ate the whole thing. Husband had the Tofeja del Canavese peasant stew, which was also excellent, exception being the wild boar sparerib which didn't add much to the complete success that dish was. The couple next to us had the fried pork trotter, which isn't what you imagine, and the spiedini. They both raved about them.

          1. The pork tongue, artichoke, and black truffle dish is one of the best things I've ever eaten.