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Feb 3, 2010 09:07 PM

Any restaurants you can recommend for Venice,FL area?

Some relatives who've recently moved to Venice, FL are asking for restaurant recs.
Any/all suggestions appreciated.
Don't see much on the boards about Venice...(except the Crow's Nest. Still any good?)
They like all types of food -- sushi to deli;casual to gourmet.
Willing to drive a bit, if necessary...Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Ivy Steakhouse recently opened in a small shopping center on the 41 Bypass in Venice. Nicely decorated, and the steaks we had on our one visit were definitely far superior in quality to say, an Outback, not that that takes a lot. I would try it again as prices are reasonable for the food and drinks, and the complete meal comes with the entree selection; soup/salad, starch and vegetable. The steaks we had were cooked to perfection.
    My main gripe was the continual use of the term "you guys" by some of the waitstaff to customers. Though I should have called our server on it, I didn't want to spoil what was a very pleasant dining experience, so I didn't. Minor gripe was the tiny salt and pepper shakers and the huge square plates the meal comes on. The food looks lost on them.

    1. Unfortunately, not a whole lot to recommend in Venice. Tell them to either go North or South for good restaurants!

      1. The closest restaurant south worth a drive is Perfect Caper in Punta Gorda, about 15 minutes away. I'm sure Sarasota has some good eating but I can't help you there.

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          Thanks...familiar with Sarasota places (there's a lot) but trying not to have them drive so far if possible...

        2. There are many fine restaurants in Venice. On the main street, W. Venice Avenue, is "Cafe Venice" with nice salads and entrees, across the street is "Dream Cafe" with an Eastern European flair and great food/service. Down the street is "Upper Crust" with fantastic scones and wonderful breakfast and lunch menus. Further west is "Cassariano's" with Italian dishes....all very good.

          One block south on Miami Avenue is "Back Eddy" and "Cafe Magnifico" which are both excellent, and "Althea's" a long-time favorite with residents and visitors with an American menu.

          One block north of Venice Avenue is "Le Petit Jardin" which is excellent for fresh, tasty and light lunches....on the corner of Nokomis and Tampa Avenues.

          Farther to the east on Venice Avenue is "Valenti's" Italian restaurant, a favorite of mine.

          On the US 41 Bypass, you can find "Ivy Steakhouse", "Mi Puebla" for Mexican, and the "Lazy Greek Cafe".

          There are many fine restaurants in Venice, these are but a few.

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            Sidley---you are right and there are many many more....

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              I think the problem is there are few chowhounds in the Venice area. Thanks for bringing them to everyone's attention. LMF

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              I find the food at Valenti's very plastic. They also have a habit of changing the tip amount. I would stay far, far away from this place.

              Valenti's Restaurant
              1200 E Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285

            3. I need a seafood restaurant tonight. I was at Crow's Nest last year and didn't love it. I've found Pop's Sunset Grill, near Nokomis, and Johnny Leverocks in Placida, further away. Any thoughts or other recommendations?