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First bite at Woodland's Cafe, Kentfield

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It's in the nabe so I reserve the right to forgo my rule of "never go to a restaurant in the first 3 months of service."

I have to say I am impressed but will hold full evaluation until they work out the kinks and establish how they will handle the crowds when/if it gets truly busy. After all, my priority on a daily basis will be to be able to park get my groceries at the market. I will give them credit for trying to establish a niche for themselves apart from the market and different from the other successful lunch/breakfast places within the area like Table Cafe, Half Day and Z in Bon Air.

The interior is nicely done with rustic floors, contemporary lighting, community tables and a 2 sided fireplace surrounded by couches inside and out. It was a challenge to find a private table for 3 inside (rainy and cold outside) even before it got busy. When the weather outside is hospitable, the seating will double.

As we entered, we were given a menu by a greeter. We stood between the Straus Creamery Ice Cream case and the yummy bakery display that had quiches, breakfast pastries and dessert items and controlled ourselves admirably. We were given the instructions that we should order at the counter and the food would be delivered to our table. The menu is organically conscious and consists of breakfast (to which we did not partake but sure looks tasty), interesting pannini's/sandwiches (which are not on the menu of the deli), innovative and make your own combination salads, thin crusted individual pizzas and Strauss Daily creamery ice cream treats. None of which can be had at the market.

We tried the Muffaletta and the Chicken Picatta (with Lemon Pepper aoili) Pannini's. Nothing, from the crisp of the bread, warmth of the meat or moisture in the condiments would need changing.Side salad was equally flavorful. Portions were large and service was solicitous. The Peasant Salad was abundant with ingredients (as I like a crunch in every bite) but a bit over-dressed. My SO did not know the salad came with a small cheese stick toast as I snatched it before he could notice.

We will go back but hope the parking lot on other days will not sour our taste for exploring other options.


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  1. Is this the same space that used to be Willie's?

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        What is pricing like - how much was the panini and/or salad? Woodlands is up there in terms of most of their deli case offerings, so trying to figure out if there are any reasonably priced items here.

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          Breakfast ranges from $9-12 for cooked items
          Burgers and Sandwiches $9 - $11
          Recommended Salad Combos - $12 but YMMV depending on your addins for create your own
          Pizza's $11-15

          Not excessive in my view.

          It's been my experience that, item for item, Mollie Stones is much higher priced. WM carries a higher caliber product which will inevitably cost more but for the same product you find elsewhere, price-tags are comparable to most other markets (including Safeway).