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Feb 3, 2010 06:56 PM

Where can I buy a bottle of Huli-Huli sauce?

Where can I buy a bottle of Huli-Huli sauce? Hawaiian friends told me I should be able to find it at any Asian market, but I frequent such establishments all over town, and I haven't seen it anywhere. I bought a bottle at Surfas, of all places, about a year ago. Returned shortly thereafter to buy more, and they didn't have it. Thanks!

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  1. They had it at Surfas about 2 weeks ago when I purchased it myself.
    For some reason Surfas has a problem with running out of stock items and not replenishing them within a reasonable amount of time.

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      Surfas has annoyed me several times because of this, so much that I don't really feel like going back. Bought awesome frozen crab cakes, made a trip to stock up on more: not there. Bought really good frozen raviloli, thought original problem was anomaly, and went back to get more, but same problem: them didn't have them. And no Huli-Huli sauce either time. Forget it Surfas. I used to shop there before it got fancy. I'm not so sure I like it anymore.

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        I agree wholeheartedly.
        I loved a certain cracker I bought there, bought several packages, came back for more and they were out. I called back several times and eventually gave up after the buyer became aggravated with me for inquiring. I don't know what their problem is but they appear to continue to do business in spite of themselves.
        I know I've seen Huli-Huli in other places and I'll try to remember and get back.

    2. Marukai has it, as does Family Food Supermarket in Gardena,

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      1. Seen it at Mitsuwa and in Little Tokyo, Nijiya Market and Little Tokyo Marketplace.

        Easy to make your own.
        Soy Sauce
        minced garlic
        fresh minced ginger
        brown sugar

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          Thanks for the recipe! It does seem easy, but I'm not confident I can knock it out as well as the bottled stuff. Plus, I was going to give it as a gift, and the bottle is cute. Am I looking in the wrong aisle at the markets? I am looking in the bottled sauce aisle, where all the oyster and hoisin sauces are, the vinegars, oils, multitudes of Lee Kum Kee bottled products are located. I haven't seen Huli-Huli in Little Tokyo at Nijiya nor at Little Tokyo Marketplace (which surprised me, because that sauce aisle is huge) nor at Marukai in Weller Court.

          1. re: LL1

            You're looking in the right places, usually by the teriyaki sauces.
            Can't imagine it's that popular, but now that you mention it, when I see it at Marukai in Gardena there aren't more than a few bottles of it on the shelf.

        2. Maybe a long shot, but maybe I've seen it at Gelsons? If you're near one take a shot and look in the area where the teriyaki sauces are.

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            I've looked at Gelsons. I'm a grocery store fanatic - I hit up a lot of stores all the time. I'm not finding Huli-Huli anywhere. Help chows!

          2. Marukai in Gardena is probably the southbay's largest Hawaii products importer here in LA. If you don't find it there, then you'd probably have to order it from Hawaii via email. There are several websites that will ship to the mainland. Another option is to make it yourself like Monku suggested or go to: and check out the Ono recipe's section for local dishes.