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Feb 3, 2010 06:47 PM

Bham: Valentine's Brunch?

Does anyone know where will be open for brunch on Valentine's Day?

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  1. No, but avoid Avo like the plague. Went there when the broken egg had a 30 min wait and it was ... not worth it. I don't complain about price too much because hey the menu is in front of you, but my $9 plate of "ham, egg and cheese sliders" was miniscule with 3 of them. Luckily they weren't that good so portion turned out to not be an issue (I ate again an hour later). You know that annoying commercial where the guy in the library is eating a tiny burger and fries and whispers something about a $2.99 combo? Well I felt like I was eating an itty-bitty ham egg and cheese. Biscuit was uber-tiny, ham was more like prosciutto (which I love), and well, everything was boring. Dining companion had the eggs Benedict, which came with prosciutto instead of Canadian bacon and she ate less than half of the dish. Quality of side of grits I ordered was good but they were bland and lukewarm.

    On the other hand, the server was very nice and seemed to know her stuff. I hated nodding my head when she asked if everything was ok (I guess it was ok, just not great), but everything was delivered as described, albeit with weak execution.

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      haha I guess you should have gone to Wendy's! Seriously though, that sounds like such a disappointment. Thanks for the advice!