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Feb 3, 2010 06:36 PM

Chi Chi's (Italian Deli) North Providence, RI?

It's been way to long since I've been down in the area to try this place again, but we are going to be down there this weekend. About 10 years ago when my friends and I were at PC we fell in love with their marinated chicken cutlet sandwich and I would love to go back and have one again. Does anyone know if it is still on the menu? and is the place still there, and as good as it used to be?

If that's not the case, I'd be happy to take any other sandwich recs around the DD Center and PC area (though, not the Yuck Truck, RIP).


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  1. If you are thinking of the place on Douglas Ave just before the intersection with Mineral Spring it is still there. Can't speak to the menu however.

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      Thanks, yes, if I can remember, that was it.