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Feb 3, 2010 06:05 PM

Place for Saturday lunch in Sonoma (or nearby) for 4 "normal eaters", one vegan and one 2 year old. HELP!

I guess the title says it all. We're looking for good food in a place that is not turned off by 2 year, our group includes one vegan. I assume that it might be difficult to find what we're looking for. We also probably won't be able to take advantage of outdoor seating anywhere as it's supposed to rain this Saturday. If ANYONE can offer some suggestions we would be forever in your debt.

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  1. The city of Sonoma?

    Sunflower Cafe would probably work. There are a few items that should pass for vegetarian criteria

    There's limited seating inside though.

    About 30-40 minutes away from downtown restaurant is the ultimate vegan restaurant, Ubuntu. They are kid-friendly and have a kids menu and crayons. Regular eaters are happy too. As someone who eats meat, i didn't miss it at Ubuntu. The menu looks fussy but it is delicious

    1. Sonoma Cheese Factory. The kids will love all the free cheese samples (and fudge samples!), and they have vegan menu options.

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        You may want to consider El Dorado Kitchen @ the Hotel El Dorado. They have a spacious dining room, we have seen large groups there and the food is excellent. Also in the Plaza is the Swiss Hotel, a pretty casual place with great food. Another consierations would be Carneros Bistro @ the Lodge @ Sonoma. They also have a very spacious dining room and they grow their own food right on the property. Check out the small garden in the back of the restaurant. Enjoy the wine country! :)

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          The monkey wrench here is the vegan. It is surprising how little there is to accomodate them in Sonoma.

          One of my first thoughts was El Dorado Kitchen ... actually the Kitchenette would be more child-friendly. However, I looked at the menu and there's not much a vegan could eat

          Ditto on Swiss Hotel

          Ditto on Carneros Bistro

          And so it went with a number of restaurants that crossed my mind.

          All places have a few things for vegetarians, but a vegan is pretty much left with green salad.. If the vegan is ok with salad only, I'd throw Fremont Diner into the mix.

          Sage Fine Food crossed my mind, but they don't have an online menu and I'm guessing it might only be the salad option there as well. Surprised to hear that Sonoma Cheese has vegan menu options. I'm guessing that means the avocado and sprout sandwich.

          I'm beginning to get a better picture of why the owner of Ubuntu felt the need for an interesting veggie-vegan restaurant in wine country.

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            Vegans usually are the monkey wrench:)

            While Ubuntu is good for vegans in terms of options, all of the memorable dishes I had there contained dairy, and probably would not have been asmemorable without the dairy.

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              Actually, I take back what I said about Ubuntu. The tomatoes still would have been the best tomato dish I've ever had without the burrata, I just wouldn't have been full.

      2. It's been a while but I remember a decent lunch at Della Santina. Again limited vegan options but these look ok and a 2 year old probably loves pasta, slurp; slurp = mess.
        Spinaci con Radicchio
        (spinach radicchio salad with a roasted garlic vinagrette)
        Spaghettini al Pomodoro e Basilico
        (pear tomato, garlic and basil)

        1. The reason I asked about Sonoma or Sonoma County is that Santa Rosa and other areas have quite a few vegan-friendly restaurants. Here's some links

          Santa Rosa is a bit of a ride, but not that difficult to get to on Highway 12.

          HOWEVER, halfway there is one of the best restaurants I tried in 2009, Vineyards Inn has a vegan menu on request. This is a cool little spot with tasty food most of it grown on their own biodynamic farm. Here's the Restaurant record with two of my reports and link to the website

          This was my first visit which mentions the vegan menu

          Alos, it seems Caffe Citti near Vineyards Inn also on Highway 12 is listed as vegan friendly. It has pasta and various sauces to choose from so that might work for all. I haven't been yet, but it gets lots of positive posts on Chowhound

          This might be a stretch and is uncharted territory but it seems right on Sonoma Square there is a talented chef making pasta dishes.It seems he has a talent with veggies, so might be able to put something together pasta-wise. It wouldn't hurt to peek in if it seems to interest you

          Sonoma: La Bodega Cheese and Pasta in the Sonoma Wine Shop?

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            WOW.........I wasn't expecting this many replies. I truly thank all of you. I'm now in the process of looking into each of them. Fingers crossed! (-:

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              So, is it the CITY of Sonoma or some city in Sonoma County.

              If it matters at all both Cafe Citti and Vineyards Inn in Kenwood both have fireplaces, so if it is a rainy day that might be pleasant.

              Personally, I'd go for Vineyards Inn as they have a full regular menu and actually have a vegan menu so that the vegan doesn't have to cobble things together.

              However, in May Cafe Citti will be in "Diners, Dives and Drive-ins' A few things at the cafe that are mentioned repeatedly both on this site and others is the roast chicken, potato salad and leek frittata sandwich

              For half of the posts I've read, the caesar salad is often said to be overdressed. Some like that, some don't.

          2. Try the Water Street Bistro in Petaluma -- they have wonderful, wonderful food. Warm, inventive soups, excellent main entrees and the owner, Stephanie, has kids of her own, so she will certainly welcome your little ones!

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              That's a good rec for this situation. See other posts on the Water Street Bistro. Good food, well-priced, kid-friendly.

              And, runsfast, an important question that rworange has asked has gone unanswered: the city of Sonoma or Sonoma County?
              The city is quite small and at the southern end of vast Sonoma County.

              Where do you want to dine, specifically?