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Feb 3, 2010 05:48 PM

Xochitl is closing...

...and then reopening in two weeks.

I read about this on The City Paper website and in Michael Klein's column. Apparently, Stephen Starr has poached (err...I mean "enticed") Chef Jimenez to helm his new Mexican place. Xochitl will close on Feb 7 and reopen in 2 weeks with a revamped menu.

What I don't understand is why a restaurant would close the week before Valentine's Day and then reopen one week after?

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  1. That is an odd time to be closed, but if the kitchen won't be in a state to turn out good food that weekend, I admire Solo/Cook for staying closed rather than serving bad food.

    1. They will be reopening on the 23rd. Jimenez was to leave earlier but decided to stay so his staff could make money during restaurant week. It is not ideal at all and in fact its doing to be pretty sad?

      1. made reservations before i heard about the switch, and we went last night. it was disappointing. the new menu is just appetizers, tacos, sandwiches, and ceviches. the pork cheek tacos were good, the mahi mahi were ordinary. guac was cold, which which was surprisingly off-putting. i guess because i was expecting it to be recenly made.

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          I guess they aren't making the guacamole to order at tableside anymore.

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            Xochitl is now more casual. They are trying to make it more user friendly than the previous menu. It is true that they are no longer doing table-side guacamole, to ensure a more uniform product from the kitchen (still sad).

            They just opened on Wednesday the 25th and are working through the new menu. It is not the same place at all from when Jimenez was there, now it is almost like mexican tapas, but I think if you go with an open mind you can enjoy.

            1. re: lindsaypsu

              Went last night and a had a pretty good experience.

              Glad to see Philly Pale Ale on the tap list. Pork cheek tacos were really good, enjoyed the flavor of the bbq-ish sauce, and the fluke ceviche was fresh and pretty tasty.

              Based on my limited experience, they're good, but really different. I'm curious to see how other regulars react.

            2. Any recent reports from the new Xochitl?

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                It was pretty average. The guacamole was as good as always. The La Cubana torta was good. However, there was some flank steak torta that was almost inedible due to how tough the meat was. I just looked at the current menu and it's not on there anymore.

                Definitely a disappointment considering how great the previous incarnation was.