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Feb 3, 2010 05:30 PM

Roadtrip from Denver through southern Utah and to Vegas.. food tips??

Hello! Me and my boyfriend are driving from Colorado to Alaska starting in April so I'm trying to get good ideas of things and places not to miss. Not exactly sure what route we'll be driving... I think we'll start in Denver then head to Utah and try to hit up the parks.. Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, and Zion. Then we'll be headed to Vegas. I'm especially looking for places we could just stop for a quick but delicious bite to eat.

I'm from Ohio and I like fresh and homemade foods, desserts, and I love Thai and Indian. I don't eat much meat and hate anything not home-made. He's from Hawaii and loves good Japanese, diners, hot dogs, french dip, seafood, Mexican, etc. Any ideas of farmer's markets, homemade diners, international flavors, delicious desserts, and anything we can buy and keep with us??

Also, if anyone has any ideas of specific places that we should explore or things we should do in specific cities, that'd be helpful as well. Thanks!!

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  1. Last time I looked, Vegas was more on the way from Ohio to LA then Alaska. If you are headed through Denver and the Colorado Western Slope on Interstate 70, then experience all the good places we have. Do a search on this broad to see what's awaiting in the Vail and Eagle River Valley.

    1. Well, I won't go into a geography lesson, but just assume that Las Vegas is a natural stop between Colorado and Alaska.

      You won't find any farmer's markets in south Utah, and really any farmer's markets you find anywhere in Colorado or Utah in April won't really have anything good to eat. It's just too early in our growing season. Likewise, you won't find any good international food in southern Utah, though there is lots of it in Las Vegas.

      That said, if you find yourself in Bluff, Utah, I highly recommend the Comb Ridge Coffee shop. They have great food with an emphasis on healthy vegetarian cooking. That's a rarity in the area.

      Also, the best green chile stew I've ever had is at the visitor center of the Monument Valley Tribal Park. It's served with made-to-order fry bread and is yummmeee.

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        thanks guys! ya i'll take a look at the western slope stuff. oh ya, and before you all think i'm geographically challenged, we're living in crested butte through the season, then driving a friend to the airport in denver, then we have 5 weeks to get from denver to alaska. i've never been to the parks of western utah, vegas, most of cali, oregon, or anything but seattle in washington. so we're gonna make it into a sweet roadtrip! thanks again for the info

      2. I visited Zion and Bryce last April. It was awesome. The food options near Bryce are almost nonexistent. I would eat at the lodge in the park, but not expect much. Zion has a lot more options in Springdale.

        Here is a link to the thread I started last year. People are still writing on it, so its fairly up to date.

        As for Vegas, you have so many options that its mind-blowing. My only suggestion is try to get breakfast at Bouchon in the Venetian. Worth every cent and then some.

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          In Green River, UT (just off I-70) their is a rundown diner called Ben's. Its on Main st., their is only one street in town. I haven't been their in a few years, but they had fantastic Green Chile. It came as a side with burgers or with eggs for breakfast. We always used to to go here for breakfast after a night or three of camping in the desert.