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Feb 3, 2010 05:13 PM

Any delivery recommendations in Mill Valley area?

We have guests coming over for a casual get-together and delivery (pizza or anything decent) is probably the only option at this point. We just moved to Mill Valley from SF. Anyone know who delivers around Mill Valley?

Many thanks

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    1. re: Sarah

      Thanks, but we were hoping for restaurants who deliver themselves. We have heard really bad things about roomservice marin.

    2. Sol Food delivers in central Marin -- you might try them. I recommend calling rather than using their impossible website.

      (415) 451-4765‎

      1. Good pizza places that deliver:

        Dario's, Sausalito (can be uneven)
        Rocco's, Mill Valley
        Stephano's, Mill Valley
        Rocco's and Stephano's do take-and-bake pizza that you could pick up and cook when you're ready. It's our regular Friday night dinner.

        Chinese places that you can check to see if they deliver:

        Young Can Wok, Mill Valley
        Tommy's Wok, Sausalito
        Feng Nian, Sausalito

        They don't deliver, but you can call in an order to Grilly's on Miller in Mill Valley. They make great, cheap Mexican food that is ready super quickly.

        Hope one of these works. I've lived in Mill Valley for many years so I've tried them all!