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Feb 3, 2010 05:03 PM

Wedding at Crescent Beach Club - looking for rehearsal dinner recs nearby

My son and future daughter in law are planning to get married at the Crescent Beach Club in September, 2011. We're from Chicago and know nothing about the area around Bayville. I'm guessing we'll have around 40 people for the rehearsal dinner. Some will be coming in from NYC so we should probably not choose a site that would lengthen their commute, if possible.

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  1. Try Angelina's II at 30 Berry Hill Road in Syosset, NY (516) 364-8234. Ask for Frank.

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      We tried Angelinas on Saturday and had the worst experience of a lifetime. The waiter must of been a relative because how do you have a guy chewing gum leaning on your chair asking if you guys want to order something. We said yes if we can get a menu first to see what we want. We told them it was cold they said: "Deal with it". When we got our drinks the waiter came over and asked my friends husband if he can try his beer with a little left in the bottle as he has yet to try that one and took it away and drank it. we thought we were on hidden camera. The manager came over and asked how everything was and we told him how the service was horrible and what had happened but he just brushed it off. There is so much more about how awful this restaurant was that I will end it with this doosy. Dessert time: they just brought over a plate of assorted desserts and didn't ask us if we wanted any. We thought it was a gesture of kindness from the manager making up for the terrible night but that wasn't the case. They charged us for all of them. When we left the manager asked again "how was everything"? We told him we would never come back. His answer: O.K take care. I think a lesson in hospitality is in serious order here!

    2. I live in Oyster Bay, the neighboring town and can tell you that the nearby pickings are very slim. Having said that, there are three good restaurants nearby. Wild Honey and Fiddleheads in Oyster Bay village and Mill Creek Tavern, which is literally down the block from the Crescent Beach Club. For rehearsal dinner purposes, I would say Fiddleheads is best food-wise. It is newly re-opened under new management, and is excellent, varied, eclectic menu. I have been there five times since they opened and have had great experiences. Mussels, lots of fish on the menu, chops, steak, several excellent pasta dishes, coconut cake to die for! Silk hankies pasta dish is heaven. Having said that, the atmosphere is not great. Very plain and uninspired decor, more of a strip mall type storefront, although it is not in a strip mall per se.

      Wild Honey, is great in terms of decor (it's in a very historical bldg., which was once Teddy Roosevelt's office.) You may know that his home, Sagamore Hill is in Oyster Bay. The food is very good, not outstanding, but very good and fairly reliable. Again, fish, pasta, some steaks, chops. The menu is not quite as inventive as Fiddlehead's, but for a rehearsal dinner, I would choose Wild Honey b/c it fits both bills--food and ambience.

      Mill Creek Tavern in Bayville is good as well. They might be a bit more accommodating price wise, as Bayville is very out of the way and they probably would be eager for a party of 40. Having said that, don't know that you would want both the wedding and rehearsal within steps of one another. Be advised, Mill Creek Tavern is not on the water.

      I think these three are your best bets. I don't get rehearsal dinner vibe at Angelina's and frankly think the food is just okay and it has a bling bling, Mob vibe to it IMHO. And I'm Italian, so I don't feel discriminatory saying that!

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        Fiddleheads is great! The woman with the short blond hair does not own it anymore? Thanks

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          No, not any longer. It is now owned by the person/people who own Walk Street on Seventh St. in Garden City.

          It's still very good.

      2. If people are coming from NYC and out of town are they staying overnight nearby? You might want to have the dinner near the hotel rather than the beach club. Unless people are staying there? If people are coming from NY and then going home to come out again the next day it could be near any train station not too far from the city so that would open up your options.

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          I'm sure that most will be staying at a hotel, but we haven't booked anything yet. I'm sure that if we find a place for the rehearsal dinner, most will try to stay nearby as I don't think there are many hotel options in Bayville.

          1. re: redheadteacher

            There are not a lot of hotels in the area. My suggestion is to book one near a rail station and arrange some type of transport to the wedding for guests without a car. If the hotel is in a town like say Garden City (hampton inn, garden city hotel) or westbury (hilton garden inn) or Syosset (Fairfield Inn) there will be restaurant options in walking distance. I would ask again at that time. It will also help to know how much you want to spend.