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Feb 3, 2010 04:44 PM

Restaurant venues for wedding (ceremony and reception)

Looking for some ideas for an 'out-of-the-box' wedding ceremony/reception venue. A "restaurant-y" feel with a nice bar area and space for mixing and mingling (as opposed to seated dinner). We're thinking ceremony, an extended cocktail 2-3 hours (hors d'oeuvres/stations), dessert, no dancing, with great food. We're thinking a Sunday in the fall. Not looking for a pricey venue, but something under-stated, yet elegant. Maybe 100 people. Manhattan, Westchester, Rockland preferrable. Ideas appreciated.

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  1. You could look into "The View on the Hudson" in Piermont. Went to a wedding there--superb view, good food, quite elegant.

    1. My fiancee and I are also looking for a site for a small wedding (ceremony and reception). We are looking at Harvest on the Hudson in Hastings and Harvest on the Pond in Montauk. Both of which are on the water. Will let you know once I check out both. God Luck!

      1. A few ideas:
        Harvest on Hudson in Hastings
        Vox in North Salem
        Traveler's Rest in Ossining
        Crabtree Kittle House in Chappaqua
        l'escale in Greenwich

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          I hesitate to recommend the funky artsy place that we used for my daughter's Bat Mitz, only because the owner wasn't prepared to deal with details(first time having a big catered cocktail party) The Loft in Yonkers(it's a dance studio but incredible looking- next to X20) .
          We had it catered- cold food only works. and Wine at a bar. VERY little refrigeration available and we had to do bamboo plates and "sporks" which are actually the coolest and green-ist things to use. We got a great caterer who was VERY tolerant and there were 3 rooms so we did the service in one room. kids and DJ in another and cocktails/food in the big lobby area. It's very chic/artsy. there are some pics on their website but you should go see it. I used a lot of creativity to find and create this party place! No decorations needed in the cocktail party area. Tables were in one of the rooms. Go see it.

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            Sounds lovely! Did you use a kosher caterer, and if so, who did you use? Thanks.

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              i don't think she's kosher but you can certainly ask. She has mostly Jewish clients and I know many in riverdale(a very kosher town)
              Cara Tennenabaum.960-9258. Tell her Gayle recommended her. She's a good friend. Unbelieveable resume.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Try a some different spots like an art gallery at westchester arts in white plains. You take some responsibility if you get you own liqour. Maybe Greenburg nature center. I went to a donor cocktail party there. The bald eagles were cool.