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Feb 3, 2010 03:12 PM

What is good in El Paso?

I will be traveling there in May for a bowling tournament. I see there are alot of restaurants and I would like to Know of some good ones or speciality places before I get there to save some time.

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  1. Lucy's machaca in chile con queso is worth a stop.

    1. H & H Carwash is a must for any 'hound. A unique dining experience, and more than decent food.

      Smitty's BBQ gets considerable cred, but I was thoroughly unimpressed. Meat was devoid of smoke flavor, plus they charge heinous prices to refill soft drinks. Their German potatoes were noteworthy, but who goes to a Q joint for fried potatoes?

      I love Carnitas Queretaro... several locations around town. Fast-food setup, but a huge menu of Mexican yumminess.

      1. Is there more I will be there for 5 days. I will need breakfast and luch places as well.

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          Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens
          Little Diner in Canutillo
          H & H Car Wash near downtown
          Ardevino's Pizzai in Sunland Park, NM (Spend some time at the horse races)
          Kiki's Mexican Food on East Side
          L & J's Mexican near the spaghetti bowl/cemetery
          Avila's mexican on Mesa
          G2's and the restaurants in Kern Place
          For Bars/Outside Atmosphere - Aceituna's and Kern Place
          Lucy's and King X

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            I'm going to second (or is it third) H&H. Real slice of local life. Don't miss it.

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            People always mention Chico's Tacos and L&J just because they are famous. It certainly isn't for the quality of their food. Chico's in particular is awful. L&J is okay but primarily a bar.

            Besides Mexican which is everywhere
            Seoul Restaurant (Korean obviously)
            9549 Dyer St, El Paso, TX 79924
            (915) 751-6070

            Clock Family Restaurant
            8409 Dyer Street
            El Paso, TX 79904
            Phone: (915) 751-6367

            Al-Zaituna (Turkish)
            4172 North Mesa Street
            El Paso, TX 79902-1437
            (915) 838-1260

            Pho Tre Bien (Vietnamese)
            6946 Gateway Boulevard East
            El Paso, TX 79915
            (915) 598-0166

            Saigon Taste Restaurant (Vietnamese
            )6940 North Mesa Street
            El paso, TX 79912
            (915) 760-6026

          3. I went back just before Christmas and had such high hopes for all my old haunts.

            First, the highest recommendation to Julio's. I don't know where you're staying but it's quite a drive from downtown, but seriously the best meal I've had in El Paso. I liked it so much, I ended up there for three meals. The rellenos are wonderful and get them with both the red and the green sauce if you can. (some waiters will, some waiters won't). You also must try the jalepeno soup. super-super good. Also the crepe flambe is such a warm fuzzy from my childhood. This place used to be in Juarez and was a birthday treat when I was little. Their mango-rita is like nothing you've ever had.

            8050 Gateway Boulevard East, El Paso, TX 79907-1208
            (915) 591-7676‎

            I expected to go to Lucy's at least twice. This place is NOTHING like it used to be. Food was just so-so (at best) and the service, while always expected to be slow, was absolutely horrible. Quality here has really taken a nose-dive. If you must go, be sure to ask for the yellow sauce. They won't serve it to anyone but the regulars and folks who know to ask.

            Didn't make it to H&H this time, but the rellenos used to be to die for. They also had an excellent chicken tortilla soup.

            Cattleman's Steakhouse is fun and cowboy campy. It's a full night's event, however.

            G&R's (G2's) changed their chile con queso, but for someone who hadn't had the old version, it's quite good. Rest of the food is, well, not great.

            I grew up with the Adrevinos, so I would say yes to them. I like their original pizza joint in Kern Place. I've heard they have a new high-end place at the old compound by Mount Cristo that's worth looking into. Gets lots of good reviews, but I can't vouch personally. We used to go out there and have bon-fires in the front yard and "la migra" would come barreling through chasing aliens almost every time. Wonder if it's still as dicey there...

            Little Diner is VERY greasy, but has it's following. I'm not a fan, but I had to eat it every Friday with the company I worked for then. It's VERY, VERY greasy.

            1. stupid editing (or stupid me...) meant to add a link and duplicated my response