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Feb 3, 2010 02:35 PM

Spago Dine LA - Great Meal, but what's with the music?

Had another terrific lunch at Spago...every dish was flawless, esp. the torteloni appetizer and lemon desert. Service wonderful as well.

What, however, is with the "classic rock" soundtrack piped into the patio (not sure if they play it indoors)...I love, and own all these albums, but I don't really want to hear D'yer Maker and Tiny Dancer during my lunch...what happens when they play an artist I abhor!

I recall the same soundtrack being piped into CUT the only time I ate there, as well as similar music at Mozza.

There is a time and place for this music...the patio at spago is not!

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  1. Thats hilarious! I was just there last night and they played Lagy GaGa, Kelly Clarkson. I think I much prefer classic rock.

    1. It's a DineLA conspiracy, I had the same canned music at Drago Centro. We also were looking at eachother puzzled by the background selections, this music does not fit the setting AT ALL. Ossobucco doesn't pair well with Dazed and Confused.

      1. The music "thing" you experienced is an annoying trend I'm also noticing at many higher end places.

        1. Much better classic early rock & roll sound track at Pann's (and patty melt - wings and waffle - split pea soup - brownie shake - fried chicken)... ;-D>

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            Diner music is good in diners. But if I am DINING (I'm sure we can understand the not-too-subtle difference here), some not-too-loud classic pop or jazz is OK, melodic chamber music better, no music at all best. I don't care if my server has more tattoos than skin, I just don't want to hear his music.

          2. There's a lot of Pink Floyd in the mix at Cut (we were told by our server) because Wolf is a HUGE Floyd fan, and he personally selected the music played there. They even have some of Floyd's lyrics engraved on a scroll that hangs in the restaurant. But I agree that Classic Rock at Spago and other places really doesn't fit as well as it does at Cut.

            Would be great to hear modern Italian Pop at Mozza with my sausage and fennel pizza and the wonderful butterscotch budino. Maybe French jazz at Spago, etc. When the dining is lovely and exceptional the music should enhance the "other world" experience, not inject reality and sameness into a special meal.