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Feb 3, 2010 02:31 PM

Salad and Appetizer to go with Chicken Piccata

A good friend of mine has requested Chicken Piccata for her birthday dinner. He's not a super adventurous eater, but is usually willing to try new things if they're not "too wierd". My roommate and I are making fresh linguine to go with the chicken (because we love a messy kitchen project and are always willing to break out the attachments for my KitchenAid). I'm kind of uninspired for things to go with it though. Ceaser Salad? What about a starter? Something with prociutto, maybe? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. With the capers in the Chicken Piccata I would avoid Prosciutto in the appetizer. They both have a slight salty/sour note and, IMO, would not be complimentary to one another. I might prepare a Crostini with selected toppings (Marinara, Provolone, sun dried tomato, artichoke, Mozzarella, etc.) and a light green salad with a light Italian dressing that doesn't overwhelm the PIccata. I assume the Linguine, as an accompaniment, will rely on some variety of sauce. Just be careful that it, too, doesn't upstage the Piccata.
    Pair it with a good Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio.

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      I'm just going to make a really saucy piccata and throw it on top of the pasta, no separate sauce needed!

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        I was about to suggest that. and you can also put some arugula on the plate, between the pasta & the chicken, and it'll give the dish some crunch, green and flavor all in one bite. You can also garnish the dish with some chopped red tomatoes, for color.

        For starters, you could do a simple stuffed mushroom, with parm & breadcrumbs.

    2. How'z about a nice arugula salad with just a simple lemon/ EVOO/ salt and pep & maybe a minced shallot? adam

      1. Coincidentally, I made chicken Piccata tonight, and roasted a head of cauliflower to go with it. Just wash, quarter, drizzle with olive oil and some salt, and roast for about 40 minutes at 350F (turn it after 20 minutes).

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          Coincidentally, I made some cauliflower tonight (half a head; we're a small group) that I cooked in milk and rosemary, then later prepared a white sauce from the milk and a little butter. Simple and very good.

        2. Too bad there won't be any contrasting flavors between the pasta sauce and the chicken sauce. Bummer. Contrasting textures, yes, flavors not really. I'd go with a salad for sure or even asparagus as a side. Asparagus and pasta are very friendly, as is chicken and asparagus. Problem is there are a lot of asparagus haters out there.

          If you opt for the Caesar salad, be light-handed with the salted ingredients because you're using capers already in your chicken and pasta.

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            I'm not sure OP really needs a contrasting flavor for the pasta. What would you suggest? I love the idea of a simple dinner, where the starch & meat are similar, and can be eaten all together in one bite, for all of the textures.

          2. How about a mild soup for starters, a butternut squash or cream of broccoli? And have you thought of roasting veggies with garlic and tossing with the pasta? I just had a great roasted broccoli and asiago that would be a nice accompaniment. Also, possibly asparagus and / or a nice roasted red pepper. So your chicken would be served with a roasted veggie / pasta side with oil and garlic sauce.