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Feb 3, 2010 02:15 PM

Catering Ideas

I'm having a party and need some ideas for catering since I refuse to cook. I'm having about 13 adults and 7 kids (under 16). I usually order the cold cut platters from Pickle Barrel. They come with salads breads and rolls and garnish plus all the hardware. I'm getting a bit bored with that so I need new ideas. I'm looking to spend about $8-$9 pp and it's an afternoon affair. I don't need fancy. Just good and something simple that everyone will like.

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  1. Being in the industry for 30 + years I dont think you will get ANY caterer for that price,However those fly by nights that operate out of there homes might do the trick

    1. The price I'm quoting is what Pickle Barrel charges. I was hoping to find something in a price range that's comparable.

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      1. re: zeva

        Think you need to be more specific as to what you are looking for, dinner? sandwiches? dairy? meat?

        Plus I agree with Chef Guru, you will not find a caterer for $9 pp. unless maybe you switch from deli platters to dairy platters (e.g. bagels, egg, tuna). Or if you want to switch the restaurant and still do deli, there is a lot better than Pickle Barrel (e.g., Centre St Deli, Katz's)

        1. re: breezey

          I'll check out Centre St Deli and Katz. I didn't know they catered. I'm looking for something similar. Meat, dairy and the like. I like PB's prices and that's what keeps me comming back but I need a change.