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Feb 3, 2010 02:00 PM

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - DTW

Has anyone tried the CSA program for Maple Creek Farm? Are there any others in the area?

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  1. Great inquiry, goatgolfer.

    1. They are one of a few...from what I have heard they are a bit on the more expensive side for what you will end up getting.

      Mainly there are gonna be two kinds of CSA's...Meat and Plants...

      I am thinking about joining a Meat one this year...

      As for plants...
      There are a few more options, but the one thing that matters is where you live and where they will drop off at. I look for Ann Arbor pick up and drop off. You may want to ask around your local farmers market. I know Maple Creek has a big Royal Oak presence.

      Another thing to watch out for is that some CSA's will ask for you to come out to help work. I have no problem with that....but some may.